1. theserpent

    Flipkart's Digital Music Store "Flyte"

    Flipkarts new upcoming Music digital store Flipkart’s Digital Music Store To Be Called ‘Flyte’; Two Carts? - MediaNama
  2. S

    Xonar D2X and Z5500

    Hi Friends, I bought Z5500 way back in 2007 at Rs 24,000 and its 05 years now since purchase. Till now I was using onboard sound through optical and it was serving good for me. When I purchased Z5500 I was thinking of also purchasing a good sound card, but due to budget constraints I was...
  3. coderunknown

    [UPDATED] Samsung E3210

    BACK WITH ANOTHER REVIEW :grin: The mobile market is one of the fastest growing sections in the tech world. Every year we are having better and better mobile at the original price. More like double the number of cores in the same price as previous year. It can be termed as Sam’s law ;) But...
  4. SunnyGamingHD2

    Tranquil Intros Skinny Ripper Music Archiving Server

    The Skinny Ripper is a somewhat strange product, weak as far as PCs go but more than capable multimedia enjoyment, even tossing a silent build into that list of advantages. Unfortunately, there is one thing that nagged at us the moment we saw this thing: the price. No matter how we look at...
  5. eggman

    WTF!! My Harddisk partitions just vanished! Strange

    Hi So I have this Lennovo Thinkpad T520 laptop. It has a total HDD capacity of 300 GB. On it's arrival I had created few partitions to store movies , music etc. It was some 4 months ago. Everything was working flawlessly till now. Today when I opened my Music player to play a song , I got the...
  6. pramudit

    My Galaxy Y

    this is my second review, hope it is better than my earlier nokia 500... My Galaxy Y color- Pure White, earlier i thought that a black would be better but now i think that white looks better than black... screen- 3inch capcitive screen with good response, just have to touch screen without any...
  7. J

    SRS audio Enchancer + Yamaha amplifier Vs the World

    Been a music lover i always like to carry my junk box around with me but that does not mean i am willing to invest half of my hardly eared salary into apple owed devices or similarly highly priced audio players what i would want is a device tht i can easily carry around & sever me in many...
  8. Reaper_vivek

    AD700 vs Roccat Kave - Which one to buy?

    I am planning to get a set of headphones overseas preferably from, the budget is around $100.. I love Gaming and Music equally..I play online competitive games(COD4, CS, BF3) as well as other titles.... In music, I listen to a wide range of genres, from Reggae, Blues, classic Rock...
  9. U

    Which Headphone to buy for under 4k?

    I am coming to Kolkata next week, and I would like to buy a good headphone for under 4k. The headphones will be used primarily for listening to music, and some occasional gaming. I mostly listen to Rock, Electronic and Classical music. And I don't consider myself a bass head (although a little...
  10. N

    Music player app for nokia.

    I have a Nokia C1-01. It has a very basic music player. It has s40 platform and I think it only supports java apps. I want to know if there is some music player out there in which there is automatic crossfading, like the one found in windows media player, the next song starts to play at the last...
  11. A

    Cowon C2, Sansa Clip+, IEMs

    Hi there! I plan to buy a dedicated MP3 player, and have been searching for almost a month now. The choices eventually narrowed down to the Cowon C2 and the Sansa Clip+ (with the D2+ being a close competitor). I currently own a Galaxy S II & iPod Touch, pairing them with my Klipsch S4i's...
  12. S

    Headphones under within 1k for Metal music

    I mainly listen to metal for hours. So please suggest me a good headphone within 1k. Please keep in mind that its sole purpose is to sound metal music good to my ears. Thank You All :)
  13. patkim

    suggest headphone - Music / audio

    I had look at a few headphones in market e.g. some brands like logitech. Some seem to be designed more for chat and voice. What are good options for music input and their general price range. For cheaper options available like < 500 Rs, would such difference like music & voice etc really...
  14. W

    Need excellent PMP within 15k...Urgent

    Guys, Am in need of an excellent PMP which money can buy within 15K max. My req: High quality of music though not necessarily out of the world sound... The above is at a compromise for great amount of games and ones.. All in all should be an entertainment purpose...
  15. P

    Android Phones under 6000!??!

    Hey Digitians, help me get an Android with a followin requisite of mine.. 1. Android (obvious) 2. wifi 3. 3G ( could do away with) 4. 3.5 mm jack for music 5. Budget Rs. 6000 +/- 500 Cheers! :))
  16. F


    Hi everybody i would like to purchase a 5.1 hts for my new hd lcd. Since technology has evolved i now want to buy a 5.1 home theater which can play music over bluetooth.kindly suggest and help finding the best availble for around my budget i.e. 25k regards raj
  17. M

    Need an Android that is also a good music phone

    1. Budget? 15k (Can be extended but lower the better) 2. Display type and size? Atleast 3.2 inches 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? None 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). No preference 6...
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