1. H

    IEM\Headphones Budget 5-6K for Sound Clairity

    Hi, I am looking for a extremely good build earphones/headphones with good sound clarity. I had the Audio Technica clr100 which i used to adore for its clarity but it stopped working after 4-5 months :-(. Quite a amazing earphones for its price. Audio Technica refused to repair the piece since...
  2. A

    Bluetooth speaker compatible with laptop/mobile phone

    please suggest such a speaker which can also be played in the bluetooth mode from my laptop and mobile both.basically want this to listen to music like gaana website etc.budget max Rs 4K.any comments on intex IT CRUNCH SUF BT.looking for a bar type speaker .
  3. Anorion

    The new beta site

    So a question Im asked frequently, is why use when YouTube can pretty much deliver all your music needs you can play entire albums it continues playing similar artists so what is so special about This post is an attempt to answer that question. used to be a music...
  4. chandan3

    Kz ed9 v/s hom smile jamaica

    hello guys i m looking to buy earphone(with mic) for my moto g3 Confused between these 2 IEM's. 1) Very good sound quality , crisp crystal clear . 2) Good amount of bass.heavy bass like boom boom 3) Good Build quality .(reliable , not cheap) 4) Type of music - Bollywood,electronic, pop which one...
  5. Nanducob

    Best Paid Apps

    Hi, I am not a longtime android user,just put some money in entropay,now.So would appreciate your selection of paid apps that are worth buying so that I can empty the entropay wallet :)) Genres of app I like are music,tools etc Some paid apps I liked are: Ultimate guitar app Flight radar...
  6. Nipun

    Headphones, 2k.

    Hi! I'm looking to buy a pair of headphones with good comfort, good bass, low sound leakage, and good noise isolation (in that order of priorities). Budget: Around ₹2,000. Would mostly be used will my laptop (Dell Inspiron 15), occasionally with my phone (Mi4). As regards to the type of...
  7. T

    Need IEMs for ~1k

    Music: Trance, House, Techno,Tech-House (Not too much big-room/commercial bass heavy EDM) Lower mids are important, and so are highs :lol: Travel by bus; besides the noise they sometimes decide to play music there :-x ; so good noise isolation is something I need. Mic/ Volume control not...
  8. R

    Headphone between 2k -3.5k

    The main criteria for the headphone is DURABILITY. I have owned the Sennheiser 202HD in the past. To my dismay, the cable near the ear-joint gave way. The budget is about 2-3.5k but I am willing to extend it slightly for VFM. They can be either on-ear or in-ear. IEM would allow me to listen on...
  9. vidhubhushan

    Budget Music player

    regarding a Budget Music player is Fiio X1 the best player under 8000? requirement is listening music - Mp3, flac etc. how is quality & service? it will be used in Lucknow. or is it better to increase budget and get X3?
  10. A

    using vlc media player

    have it downloaded and using it for hearing recorded music-its excellent .how can i use it especially the equaliser function to play streamed music from the internet.or else is there a equaliser free software for my pc laptop
  11. krishnandu.sarkar

    2.1 Speakers Within 1.5k

    Hi audiophiles, recently my 5 Year old Creative Inspire T3130's output IC gone kaput. I have given it to local hardware shop, but it seems that the IC is not available in market. So, I believe it's time to buy a new one. After going through few reviews and threads I have selected the below...
  12. P

    Android Tablet for Apple User

    now i plan to Switch From IOS Completely others in my family have iphone and ipod and myself i used the following devices in last few years iPhone 5s,4s and 6+ (64gb) Ipad 4g (16gb) Ipod classic Now I am mostly familer with android ecosystem and my friend taught me a lot (rooting,custom...
  13. abhijit_reddevil

    2.1 speakers for movies, gaming and music (budget Rs.10000)

    Hello friends, Posting here after a very long time. Recently my 10 year old Altec Lansing MX5021 went dead. It was my favorite set of speakers...still remember the first day I played music on it from my desktop, it was a different world altogether. It cost me Rs.10000 back in 2005. Now I am...
  14. L

    Suggestions needed for headphones. (Budget 10k)

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a pair of decent headphones in a budget of 9 to 10k (maximum 11k). Earlier I was thinking of getting Siberia V2 with surround sound as my primary purpose was gaming but these days I don't game much (2-3 hrs a week). I'm confused if V2 will be worth it. I'm looking for...
  15. Prongs298

    LUMIA 1320 review

    probably too late as now newer phones are available, but still, i wanted to do this review after using the phone for sometime. model lumia 1320 OS Microsoft Windows Phone 8, upgradeable to v8.1 Chipset Qualcomm MSM8230AB Snapdragon 400 (3G model)/ MSM8930AB...
  16. mukherjee

    Best android music player app (free)

    Recently bought the Yu Yureka phone. :lol: :-D However, it doesn't have an inbuilt music player app, uses Play music as player by default. :shock: Was wondering which is the most commonly used(recommended/best?) music app by the community here on Digit forum. 8-) Please put forward your...
  17. Nanducob

    Android Music Player Remote App

    Hi I have connected one android phone which i use to play music through my Music System/Speakers.I want to contol the songs(change songs and change volume) from another android phone. Is there an app for this ? Thanks
  18. A

    Amplifier for Headphone / Sound system

    I need an audio amplifier to enhance the audio output from my laptop or phone. The details I've mentioned below. Audio Source : Laptop, Cell Phone. Sound Output : 2.1/5.1 Sound System. Headphones and earphones mostly. I own Razer Electra, Cowon EM1, Sound Magic ES18. Audio genre ...
  19. Desmond

    Alternative/Underground Indian music artists

    As the title says, this thread is dedicated to quality Indian artists who make music not for money or fame, but as a means of genuine expression. Post and discuss stuff from your favourite Indian artists. However, only discussions regarding alternative or underground artists will be entertained...
  20. cute.bandar

    Default music app missing in moto e

    So my lenovo a269i (android 2.3.x) has a simple 'music' application, that works great. I just assumed it was the default android music application, so was surprised not to find it in moto e . Moto E only seems to have google play music (whose interface I hate). Which exact application is that...
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