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5.1 speaker for PC


I was planning for a basic 2.1 speaker for my PC , got some extra money and I think I could buy a 5.1 speaker for 6K (MAX!!)
PC has 5.1 output - on-board (I am not an audiophile, so it wont matter)
10X12 room
priority for Surround effects and sound clarity

F&D F700UF
Logitech Z506
I am a bass lover but I wont shake the glasses soon again ....

40% Music - Everything
20% Games - GTA/ FPS / FC
30% movies - Action/comedy
10% +Other

If you think a 2.1 speaker is enough , please mention that as well.
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Dude you already had a thread with 50 replies asking for the same thing


After which you decided to buy a monitor instead.

Then you opened another thread asking for 2.1

And back to square 1 now.

Anyway, as satisfied I am with my Edifier DA5000Pro, i am realising I don't really use the surround features much. Logitech Z623 with it's 200W RMS might have been a good choice.
I did planned for a 2.1 first , later decide to go with 5.1 ...
But as Edifier da 5000 went out of stock , I bought a Benq EW2440L monitor !!
I was tight on budget and decide to buy 2.1 for PC , but got some extra cash ...

Just ordered Logitec z506 from infibeam ..... For Rs.5712/-

Update : 18/01/2016

I had to cancel the order.
Due to slow processing
Poor courier choice (GATI - will take 3 to 3 weeks to reach me with damages assured...)

requested for cancellation and waited 4 days , today they canceled it in infibeam and initiated refund (that what the site says , only God knows when I will get my money back...).

If I get the refund , I will buy
Logitec Z506 (not available in my area)

F&D F700UF

I am not impressed with Creative products in the same range....
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I'd highly recommend you get the Z623 instead, not 5.1 I know, but much much better, given your requirements.
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