The Truth about Popular Music


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Lol. Now people who are adicted to coldplay songs should comment here. (I'll not comment as I don't hear songs with understandable lyrics.)
did he say people like to hear "hooks" or it is "hoot"?? if yes, then what are those hooks/hoots? i didn't get that part.


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A hook is something catchy or attention grabbing to get you involved with something. Can be the first few words in a story, or the first few seconds of a song, or first 5-10 minutes of a movie.

The guy is saying that now you have to keep grabbing attention throughout the song, and that you have to repeatedly pitch the worth of your work to your listeners.

With a good hook, you want to listen more and cannot stop.

and yeah, lol he totally sounds like a coldplay reject


The Slowest One
Thanks for explaining. Lol i am also one those people who are fan of catchy lines/beats.
Now I will post something which I don't know if I will get chance again or not, so I am gonna use this chance


There is one more episode, i am unable to find it on youtube, where they make fun of coldplay about their weird lyrics which is almost impossible to understand if you don't see the lyrics yourself.
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Great video, something to show my friends who think some of the artists like Taylor swift are great x)

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