1. rhyansy

    20162H MSI Gaming Notebooks Brochure

    Theitdepot SMC International Acro Engineering Company MD Computers Ankit Infotech Shweta Computers Earth Syscom Mega It Store Monarch Infotech Supreme the It MALL Bardroy Infotech PVT. LTD. Gamesngadgets Multiple Computech Oasis India E Network Flipkart Amazon India Paytm
  2. Skud

    Need 2.0/2.1 speakers within 20-25k

    As per title. Primary usage will be Music, preferred genres classic rock & metal. Speakers with multiple input sources are welcome, if available. So far, shortlisted Swans M200MKII. Is it good?
  3. F

    Alternative to google forms

    Scenario A person has to claim expenses he made, so he fills out these columns for multiple items Item Name Rate (in Rupees) Quantity After that all his items are displayed and he can seen Total amount. Then he submits the data First I went to google forms but I couldn't find a way...
  4. R

    Software to delete multiple copies of same File

    I have been downloading songs from torrents for months now and I have stacked up the same song files may be more than 5 times in some cases . Is there any software that can remove the multiple files . Also want to remove the numbers from all the file names at one go. Cheers guys
  5. A

    Laptop For MS-PhD in CS [Questionnaire included]

    1) My budget is strictly within 35000 INR. 2) I want a 14" (or less) screen that is neither too heavy to carry around (my current Lenovo from 2008 is 4 kilos!!!) and also so I can watch movies occasionally. 3) I am starting my integrated MS-PhD in Computer Science. Probable research...
  6. A

    portable multi charger for mobile phones

    anything likr this available here in our country which can provide charging orts for all types of mobiles or multiple mobiles together
  7. Theodre

    Doubts on Multiple OS installtion....

    Hi TDF, :) I am planning on installing Elementary OS LUNA and ubuntu 13.10 along with my Windows 7 SP1 partitioned laptop. At the moment i only have the windows installed. Am not worried about the partitioning, but is there anything in particular when installing multiple OS's in my sammy...
  8. D

    ORacle Multiple instance running windows 7-

    how to run multiple instances in oracle? using set oracle_sid=sid .. & when i say sqlplus / as sysdba... its asking password.. even i give sys and password it's not accepting... is it anything to do with os privilege? if so how to deal with it.. how to run two instances at a time?
  9. ramakanta

    Connect Multiple Hard Drives !!

    I want to connect multiple hard drives !! Is there any some kind of 'stack' or some such 'thing' for this purpose? I am thinking about connecting 8(eight) hard drives(1 TB each) at the same time(all the hard drives in one case) means I want the hard drives all in the same case/stack . I want to...
  10. Anorion

    component sourcing discussion

    posting a sketch of what it might look like, not claiming this to be very accurate there are multiple sources. for example, apple might order the camera sensor from 2 manufacturers. sony uses dragontrail glass from asahi as against gorilla glass from corning on some of it's models. there are...
  11. D

    Upgrade from P&S to DSLR?

    I want to buy a camera with high optical zoom. Now i am confused either to buy a better P&S or an entry level DSLR i already have a Canon A3200IS which i bought with the help of your suggestions in this forum, but it has the low zoom and high delay time for multiple shots restiction. Now i am...
  12. manistar

    Manage Multiple cloud services from single platform

    With introduction of many cloud storage services like dropbox, Gdrive and Amazon S3, Users can upload their files to cloud storage and use it as personal backup. Even though most of these services are free. We still have few concerns like maintaining multiple accounts and reliability of files...
  13. D

    Multiple attempts to turn on PC

    Hello everyone... I am facing an unusual problem of late. My PC takes multiple attempts to turn on. When I press the power button, first 4,5 times the led(power) doesn't even light up.. after a couple more attempts the led glows, fans run, and its off again within two seconds.. this happens...
  14. C

    How can i join multiple HDD to pc if sata slots or power slots are full?

    as title says, problem is how can i join multiple hdd (just for data dumping purpose) to the pc if sata slots or power slots are full? System Core i7 950 Gskill 6GB ram Corsair HX650 PSU(MOdular PSU) Sapphire Radeaon HD 5870 1GB Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R (rev 2.0) Mobo HDD - 1TB X 2 Seagate...
  15. M

    Computer freezes in Chrome, not Explorer yet

    I have the following configuration: PHENOM II X4 + GIGABYTE GA 88 GMA UD 2H Seagate HDD 500GB Sata DDR-3 CORSAIR x2 HD 6850 BENQ 2220 HD COOLER MASTER CABINET COOLER MASTER SMPS 500W A freezing problem started a few days ago. What happens is when I open 2-3 or multiple tabs in...
  16. rider

    OS X Lion GUI software for Windows 7

    I want know the names of software which can make my windows 7 look like OS X Lion. Like there is a multiple desktop screen interface in android phones and OS X
  17. digit i am thinking

    Online/offline Exam software

    Hi Any one know any free online/offline exam software in which i just have to add questions and multiple choices. which can run on individual PCs. :|
  18. A

    Tablets should support multiple OSes.

    Nowadays,for tablets,either the software and hardware manufacturers are the same(like apple ipad) or there are tie-ups between 2 companies(like in samsung) and as a result all of them are coming preloaded with OSes.I think tablets should support multiple OSes which can be removed and...
  19. curioustechy

    multiple file rename

    how to rename multiple files at one go in ubuntu 11.04.... i tried it as if in windows - select all and pressed F2 - but nothing happened
  20. GhorMaanas

    Monitor with multiple connectivity options

    Hi, have been using G2420HD, and was satisfied with it, until now. have started to feel dire need of multiple input options, which this model sorely lacks, so planning to sell it off for a similar priced one having atleast 2 hdmi inputs. budget would be 10-15k. please suggest some 24" or higher...
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