1. ico

    ASRock motherboards for Ryzen - India availability.

    Apparently ASRock has the best motherboards for Ryzen. And, from what I see, they aren't available anywhere in India. Why is it so?
  2. G

    Motherboard for my i5 7600

    I got a i5 7600 for cheap from US and I am getting it on my hands next week. I'm currently looking for a motherboard at a budget of Rs.5000. All B250 series motherboards are out of my budget. I know Skylake motherboards support Kaby lake after bios update. My question is - Do the LGA 1151...
  3. P

    MSI launches new Intel ‘Skylake’ 100-series based H170/B150/H110 PRO Series motherboards

    MSI, world leading in motherboard technology, is proud to announce its latest additions to the PRO Series motherboards line, the H170/B150 and H110 based motherboards. With 30 models available in Mini-ITX, microATX and ATX size, the new MSI Z170/H170/B150 and H110 PRO Series motherboards are...
  4. quicky008

    Need info about Consistent motherboards

    I've been looking for a new motherboard to replace an ageing D945GNT intel motherboard that's present in one of my older rigs as it frequently malfunctions these days and causes problems while booting-a local hardware dealer has recommended a G31 motherboard from a brand called Consistent that...
  5. bukaida

    Help with Overclocking & Motherboard Selection

    I am trying to build a basic system to try hands on overclocking. However as I am very new to this so I need some expert guidence from you guys. The items already purchased ___________________________ 1. Cabinet-- Deepkool kendoman TI 2. PSU-- Seasonic SII 520watt 3. SSD-- 120 GB Samsung 850...
  6. C

    ASUS Introduces USB3.1 Solutions for Intel Motherboards

    USB3.1 has been introduced already and it's creating quite a stir in the enthusiast market already with its bumped up specs and ASUS, like other motherboard manufacturers have introduced USB3.1 solutions for their existing lineup of motherboards. This works in two ways: 1. There are add in...
  7. B

    Gigabyte slashing motherboard specs without changing product names or prices

    Overclock3D :: Article :: Gigabyte in Ebenezer Mode :: When is a revision not a revision? This is very disturbing. I have had multiple failed Asus boards and won't touch them again, and now Gigabyte's doing this. The next mobo upgrade will be a very tough choice. :(
  8. M

    Please help select a motherboard for i5 build

    I have decided to do an i5 4570 build within the next week. I am still unable to decide on a motherboard. The chipsets that I have selected are B85 or H87. What I need - 1. Good brand reputation and excellent service. 2. Good quality motherboard - low RMAs, high quality components. I have...
  9. S

    Motherboard question

    GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev. 4.1) M5A78L-M/USB3 - Motherboards - ASUS will these motherboards handle AMD FX 6300? not going to do any overclocking.if they can then which one do you recommend?
  10. harshilsharma63

    Why even a single usb 2.0 port

    Hi. Usb 3.0 is now become a common technology with every new laptop hosting the port, every new device supporting it and every motherboard having it. But, if the usb 3.0 port is backward compatible, then win laptops and motherboards have even a single usb 2.0 port? Why cant they put 6 usb 3.0...
  11. Fx8350

    Will my gigabyte 970ads3 motherboard support crossfire or sli?

    I am having amd fx 8350 processor,cossair vegenence 4gbddr3 1600mhz ram,gigabyte ads 3 motherboard,gtx 560ti gpu and 700watt question is- my motherboard has 1 pci 2.0 16x and one pci 2.0 4x slot.i am currently using 560ti on 16x slot.i want to add another 560ti on 4x it...
  12. M

    Need Suggestion on Motherboards

    Hi guys, Its unfortunate for me that, my motherboard i.e INTEL DX58so, has given up.. and sadly my warranty period is over. And now, planning to get a new one.. so guys help me finding... my budget is in-between 8k-12k.. my specs i7 920 LGA 1366 socket...
  13. K

    Best motherboard under Rs.4500?

    Hello, I want to buy a motherboard for gaming. budget is Rs.5000. Which motherboard suits me the best? Another thing, is it good to buy motherboards with integrated graphics card? And if i buy one, would it affect the performance of the additional graphics card that i am going to buy too...
  14. TechnoHolic


    Why most people don't use intel motherboards...?
  15. tkin

    Discussion: ASUS Appoints DIGICARE as ASP

    ASUS appoints Digicare as Authorised Service Provider for Motherboards and Graphics Cards Mumbai, 3rd October 2012: In a move to further enhance its service efficiency and network, ASUS has today announced the appointment of DIGICARE as the authorized service provider for its motherboards...
  16. B

    [Query] 3rd Party Warranty Service for Motherboards

    Hello Can anyone put some light on 3rd party warranty service for ASUS/Gigabyte Motherboards. I want to know as the motherboard does not cover under warranty if purchased from other country, even if the model is not a region specific. The difference in price is too much here in India than...
  17. Tobuscus

    Corsair Vengeance ram running @ 1333mhz

    Hi,people Okay,so i saw that there's a another thread like mine. But our motherboards aren't the same chipset. Here's my specifications. Intel Core i5 2400 Intel DH67CL Motherboard 1 x 4 GB Corsair Vengeance Ram The ram's supposed to be running at 1600 mhz but in the bios it shows...
  18. kg11sgbg

    About Digilite Motherboards

    Friends,I just want to know that ,how are Smartlink Network Systems Products? I mean their flagship product "DIGILITE" series of motherboards. Are they reliable or are they crap? I have no intentions buying one,just want to know about it.
  19. A

    cabinet prob

    Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Mid Tower Cabinet am buing this cabinet Suitable for Mini-ITX, microATX, ATX Motherboards my doubt is this suitable 4 for asus p8z77-v pro
  20. Vishnupg45

    Gigabyte h77 motherboards availability?

    what happened happened to the gigabyte h77 series motherboards? I cant find any of them in flipkart,theitdepot,theitwares,smcinternational? When they will be released? And expected prices?
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