Why MODS shouldn't be GODS.

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Thit!I fogot my pathword!
When was the last Time you were annoyed by a Mod?
He Locked your thread(after having the last word)?
Banned you coz you were an Honest self-respecting Troll?
Posted pictures of himself bathing in a sticky thread?
Banned you just before you were to be promoted?

All these,and many other reasons have led this agonized member to make this thread.Since I've been banned once(from tdf) so I know what I'm talking abt.
Mods do have their uses(the writer is saying this so as to not get banned again.) but when they are not cleaning bilge from the forum they are simply annoying.Bossing around,strutting with their Rig configs displayed in their avatars,ordering everyone about orderly conduct and all that rubbish.
Post your very own mod agony,and we'll shed tears at this necessary evil of our times(sob!).


1.Mods cannot post(unless you are an insufferable post-all)
2.No Names(unless you want to get banned).
Not open for further replies.
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