1. S

    Need to Buy AC : Inverter or Non Inverter?

    Hi, I am thinking of Buying AC . Everyone is telling me Inverter AC is best then non inverter in term of Efficiency and Monthly Bill. What you Guys suggest ? Inverter or Non inverter? Which Model should i buy? My Budget is 40K. I have checked Daikin Inverter Ac . Is it Good...
  2. swiftshashi

    Which laptop amongst two options- War of Ci5 5200U vs Ci7 5500U

    Under some corporate offer, HP has offered us(Coal India Employees) the option of choosing between two laptops. The company is offering laptops of value upto 70000 for free. To make a long story short, these are the two laptops which I am considering. Option 1- HP 15-K201tx Envy (Core i5...
  3. P

    A new OnePlus 2 is coming, along with an even cheaper model, apparently!!!!

    OnePlus 2 and a cheaper model both expected in 2015! Guys am too excited!!!!!!! OnePlus 2 and a cheaper model both expected in 2015 | TechnoBuffalo Help Wanted: 25-Year-Old’s Phone Startup Seeks VC Funds - Bloomberg Business
  4. R

    Best DVD player for around 3k budget

    Hi, I am looking to buy a DVD player for around 3k. I will use the player to view videos mostly on my TV which is non-HD and also non LCD/LED. Hence please suggest me as to which brand and model will be best. Also I need to know what other things(compatible video file formats etc) to keep...
  5. D

    reliance zte ac 2739 dongle to wifi connection help plz

    dear digitians i want to connect my reliance3 dongle zte ac2739 model to my fonepad. kindly suggest me a router which supports the model and lets me access internet via wifi. tnx
  6. S

    Upgrade over existing gaming rig (51-70k budget)

    What is your budget? 50-70k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - AMD PHENOM 965 3.4 Ghz Motherboard - Gigabyte - (Dont remember model no) GPU - MSI GTX 560 ti HAWK EDITION RAM - Corsair Value Ram 1333 Mhz (4*2gb) Monitor - BenQ...
  7. jackal_79

    Replacement For Corsair VX450

    Hi All, My existing PSU Corsair VX 450 has become faulty and since warranty period is over and same model is not available, i need suggestion for a replacement. Current configuration attached. I would prefer to buy online and require a model with 3 to 5 years warranty. Proc:C2D E6550 Mobo...
  8. A

    Chimney Help - Company Using two differt MRP Tags

    Guys, We Yesterday Installed a KUTCHINA Chimney and it was a Arc Model it told to around Rs25000 including fittings. They installed but when my brother was going through the boxes he found two MRP tags one Stating Rs23990 Manufactured on Nov14 and another beneath that MRP was Rs8290 and...
  9. jaimin100

    need sugestion for buying new laptop lenevog5070 I7

    hello mates, is this model is good ? lenevog5070 i7 Shop Lenovo G5070 15.6-inch Laptop (i7-4510U, 4GB RAM, 500 SHD, 15.6" HD LED GLARE(FLAT),Windows 8.1) with FREE BAG + Kingston Micro DT DUO 8GB & much more at lowest prices in Oman UAE Qatar Kuwait Bahrain Cash on delivery and free delivery...
  10. S

    Need help with a gamepad!! which is best?

    Enter Model No. E-GPV Enter Model No. E-GPV10 Quantum Game Pad QHM7468-2V ATek USB Gamepad Quantum Game Pad QHM7487-2V C QHM7469 Trasnparent Gamepad Digiflip GP003 Wired Controller Amigo Gamepad (Double Shock)- FIFA Edition which is better? ..... pls suggest!!
  11. A

    Need help about lenovo z510 i7 model..!

    I am getting z510 i7 model at 55500 at flipkart after discount. Yesterday I went to chennai but all authorised do stores said that the y510 and z510 have been discontinued now. I even confirmed it from delhi and kolkata dealers. So is it worth to buy it now also. Because I only have flipkart...
  12. panacea_amc

    Is Samsung S3 Mini available in India?

    Hello, Is Samsung S3 Mini available in India? I am considering to buy it. A used model is also preferrable. Thanks.
  13. guru_urug

    Laptop in the US < $700

    Hey everyone, I am going to the US for my Masters at NYU. I need to purchase a laptop for my coursework. I will be purchasing it from a US site hence the budget is $700. My requirements: 15.6" display (fHD would be a nice bonus) Atleast core i5 (3rd/4th Gen) sturdy build quality...
  14. masterkd

    [Want to Buy] Apple iMac MC309LL/A 21.5-Inch

    Please let me know if anyone have Apple iMac MC309LL/A 21.5-Inch in pristine condition and want to sell. If any other model is there then also please let me know.
  15. K

    Need help in Choosing 55 Inch LED 3D TV . Which one to buy Sony or LG or Samsung ?

    Hi i wanna buy 55 inch 3d led . Please suggest me one nice model . As of now i looked in sony (55w950b) PQ is very good but bit expensive . Is there any model which is equivalent to this or better than this . Please let me know . Thanks in advance Kiran
  16. N

    High end PC configuration suggestions required

    Hello, Can anyone help me in buying a high end PC. Kindly provide the exact model and approx price. Purpose:Server/gaming Around Rs70000 Below is what i have thought till now: Processor : Intel® Core™ i7-4770K Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz) Motherboard:Intel(yet to find a...
  17. J

    Is this for real GT740 m in 38k lenovo laptop real or fake as survey shows,

    Iv'e been searching for laptop for gaming and app. development purposes my budget is 40k INR. A good GPU is critical requirement. I saw this add on snapdeal for Lenovo S510p 59-383326 laptop. Amazing Specs and price. link given below...
  18. M

    Suggestions on gaming PC using existing setup

    Hello folks, I have this old PC which is sparingly used. It was assembled appx 3-4 years back, don't remember exactly when. Anyways, it is not used much and gathering dust. I was wondering if I can use the installed components as is and by adding graphics card and other necessary components...
  19. V

    Want a Mid-Range Gaming PC.. any suggestions

    Hi Everyone. I am upgrading my PC to let it handle the newer graphics-heavy games (like NFS rivals, GTA4, others) as most of them seem to not work for now. My Budget is around 10K to 13.5K. I will retain the LED monitor, HDD, DVD R/W, cabinet, 2.1 speakers, keyboard, mouse, etc. I think...
  20. happy17292

    1 Ton Split AC under 31k?

    hi guys, I'm looking for a 1 Ton split AC under 31k (including installation). My room is 130sq ft in size with only roof and southern wall exposed to direct sunlight. one 5X4 window on southern wall which is closed most of the time. Primary requirement is long term reliability and hassle free...
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