1. evilcrafter

    HP dm1 series vs HP Mini 210 vs HP Mini 110 vs HP mini 310

    Okay guys.. Thanks for helping me last time.. I need your help again.. I am not able to decide which one to buy. My price range is 22,000INR max 10" to 11.6" Netbook No Gaming required, But should be able to play HD videos. Battery Life 3-4 Hours. You can also suggest any other Brand...
  2. Siddharth_1

    HD 7870 vs. HD 6970

    AMD Raedon HD 7870 and HD 6970 have almost the same cost but have difference in some of their technical specifications. Which one would have a better performance and at the same time would be more future proof. Also i want to that i should buy it from sapphire, xfx, msi or asus and which...
  3. D

    Nokia Phones Below 7k ?

    Guys suggest me some of the Best Nokia under the price tag of 7k Better to have it as a keypad model
  4. M

    Need Dual Fan OC'able HD 7970 GPU

    I am planning to buy a HD 7970 but all available in the market is only reference single fan design. Let me know where i can get ASUS HD 7970 DIRECT CU 2 MODEL OR XFX DOUBLE DISSIPATION MODEL. Online shop their availability and price . Budget is 40k max 1-2k more based on the model.
  5. 1

    Compaq SR1720il can be overclocked or not ???

    My CPU Cores...1 Threads...2 Intel Pentium 4 517 Code Name Prescott Specification...Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.93GHz My MoBo Manufacturer...Hewleet-Packard Model ...Asterope (CPU 1) Chipset Vendor...ATI Chipset Model...RS400/RC400/RC410 My GPU... ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series GPU...
  6. M

    asus or gigabyte for amd x61090 ?

    pls suggest which is better , I have asus -m5a88m in my mind, pls suggest me if gigabyte is better and also suggest the model name in gigabyte mobo if its better than Wat I have chosen .
  7. B

    VIA ARM-WM 8650 7" NEt book China Make With WIN CE 6.0 OS

    Ihave bought a China Make VIA WM 8650 NEt book with Confguration: Processor Type: WMT ARM-WM8650 CPU Processor Clock Speed: 600M MHz Processor/Manufacturer: WM Processor Model: VIA-ARM VT8650 RAM Installed Size: 256 MB Display Diagonal Size: 7" TFT HD Max Resolution: 800x480 Hard Drive...
  8. TheLetterD

    Xperia X10 Mini

    Umm hey guys Long time back I had a 5800 , but I broke it by stepping on it. My parents told me the only way I can get a new phone is by scoring good marks. In 11th grade. In Non Med :O I know right? So Now Im using my friend's helper's Nokia 1280 :cryeyesout: , after the helper got a new...
  9. P

    Buying Asus N55sf

    1. Flipkart has this model but display is listed as 720p. Is this an error by them or the model comes with that resolution also? 2. Can anyone recommend any shops in Chennai or Banglore where i can get this laptop in two or three days? Will it be readily available in any shop? Its a little...
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