Laptop in the US < $700


Hey everyone,

I am going to the US for my Masters at NYU. I need to purchase a laptop for my coursework. I will be purchasing it from a US site hence the budget is $700.

My requirements:
15.6" display (fHD would be a nice bonus)
Atleast core i5 (3rd/4th Gen)
sturdy build quality
Atleast 6GB RAM
Atleast 500GB HDD
Dedicated GPU (if possible)
Backlit keyboard would be a plus

I know my budget is limited, but I'd like to get the best config possible. I have looked up a few models:

I can get the Lenovo G510 i7 model for $640 after student discount

I like this model too: HP Probook G1 450 for $600

The HP one seems like a very good balanced config. But I cant find any reliable reviews on that particular model.
Let me know what you guys think about the 2 models I listed and also suggest any others.

Thanks! :)


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Custom laptops are not for your budget.
Look at a cheap Lenovo thinkpad. They are solid machines.
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