1. sumit05

    Need 1.5 ton window A.C

    Suggest a 1.5 ton windows a.c.Budget less than 30k.Which model & brand to go for guys please suggest.
  2. I

    The unfortunate case of wrong UPS purchase made due to a series of coincidences...

    Hi, So I am sharing with you the event where I (my family) purchased the inappropriate king of UPS for home PC use: The model sold to us: APC SRC1KUXI (no batteries included) The model I had asked for: BR1000G-IN, because our existing APC BR1100CI-IN had started malfuncioning...
  3. A

    34" 21:9 Ultrawide 1440p buying advice

    I wish to buy a 34inch 21:9 ultrawide 1440p monitor Preferred Panel: IPS I did some research and found LG 34UC88-B would be the best for my requirements but the local shops dont have it. Instead they have LG 34UC98 which has just 2 thunderbolt ports compared to the model I first chose and...
  4. V

    Help Me buy Half Mini PCIe Wifi & Bluetooth Combo Card

    hi My HP 15-r036tu Notebook wlan card is not working i need to find replacment for it ,do i need to have same model or any othrer card will work ? and were can i get it ? Ralink RT3290LE is model no of the card
  5. G

    Need to buy a 4 tb external hard disk drive?

    Hello, to all of you. I need to buy a 4TB External HDD, I've chosen WD's MY Book 4TB External HDD (Model No. WDBFJK00400HBK ), but before buying I want to clear some doubts, Hope to I'll get replies soon. 1. Can someone tell in the External Case, WD uses which Hard Disk means Is it Green or...
  6. B

    32 Inch LED TV With Good Sound Quality

    Hi Friends, I'm looking to buy a 32" LED TV with good picture and sound quality. 1. Budget --25k ( can be +/- 2k for good option) 2. Display type and size - LED 1080p 32" 3. Primary use of Tv - As a TV 4. Ports Required - Mandatory:HDMI,USB Optional: Ethernet, VGA 5. Preferred choice of brand -...
  7. M

    Reliable Safe Modem Router?

    I have a wifi router D-Link DIR-605L and a D-Link modem router DSL-2520U which is now having problems of intermittent speeds, as checked by the local Airtel Broadband tech guy. He told me to change the modem router(2520U) and get a new one. I have a 16 mbps 80GB Airtel connection. So I...
  8. rickenjus

    Laptop for programming.

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) less than 40k. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Netbook; 11" - 10” screen or less Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook...
  9. J

    [Complaint] Complaint About Supertron (Sapphire)

    Hello Everyone, I had purchased a R9 280x Toxic Edition in 2014 at that time Aditya Infotech was giving the service. Few months back My card stopped working and then I had contacted Supertron (Raipur) who recently started giving service for sapphire products (Graphics card).I handled them my...
  10. nac

    [URGENT] How to unlock airtel 3g dongle?

    Hi! Guys. Two days no internet. Borrowed airtel from my cousin, it seems like it's locked. I can't keep on use his sim, I need to give it back. How can I hack/unlock and use my bsnl sim? I tried google, but till now couldn't find a solution. Dongle info: Airtel ZTE MF667 HSPA+ Used a...
  11. W

    New motherboard for old system?

    Hi, My 6+ yr PC doesn't start. If i click power on, it tends to start, within 10 sec, powers off. Sometimes, within 20 sec. That's it. I thought it was SMPS, but a colleague tells me its the motherboard and confirms that it can't be SMPS. Actually I wanted to replace the board anyways as it...
  12. K

    [Complaint] Gtx 780ti Hof Rma

    Hello, I'm from chennai.. I purchased 780 ti hof model from galaxy brand. I dont know how many of you people know about this brand or even does it exist in india. galaxy products were handled by TAG(technology and gadgets). Only 6 branches all over india headquartered in mumbai. So coming to...
  13. W

    PC doesnt start - Mobo issue? Advice pls

    Hello Friends, Issue: Mobo got bricked 5 years ago and got it repaired at an expense. But ever since then, system performed real slow and was getting stuck. Also bought a 2 GB RAM but only a slight improvement. System doesn't perform good yet. There used to be a graphic card but its fan...
  14. josin

    Help need to decide on a 2 ton Inverter A/c

    I am in need of a 2 ton ac for a ground floor room of 22 feetx10x10 with one window in kerala. I am thinking of Hitachi/Mitsubishi heavy industries inverter model. Max budget is 65K. please help to decide me on a model.
  15. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on power bank for price around Rs 600

    I need a power bank for one of my friends who has redmi1s. Budget is not more than Rs 600. Can someone suggest a good model.
  16. A

    Which SSD and RAM for Asus gl552 jx cn316t model rog laptop

    Hi, I have the above mentioned a bit old ASUS laptop, I am planning to upgrade its SSD and ram but I am unaware what model will fit/work with it. RAM is currwntly 8 gb one stick DDR 3. Any advice will be helpful. Hope I posted in correct section if not please let me knoe. Ssd would prefer...
  17. S

    Laptop Buying India Around 70K – Pls help me decide finally

    Laptop Buying India Around 70K – Pls help me decide finally Dear All, I have been going through posts after posts in many websites including reviews of purchases and now need to make a purchase. I am really unable to decide. I am listing my requirements / and optionals. Pls kindly help in...
  18. S

    Tv mainly used for pc gaming

    Hello All , This is my post to any forum . and i just want to ask .. is it possible to used any TV as a monitor ... i googled about it but cant find any related answers.. just a bunch of confusing words like INPUT LAG , 120HZ , etc ..please any one suggest only name of TV company and its model...
  19. gagan_kumar

    Query: Purchasing upgrade for PC from US

    Hey , so i am finally purchasing an upgrade for my existing rig, which will be a SSD , a Gaming Headphone and internal HDD 3TB+ I need suggestions on from where and which model to purchase........... @mods please move this threads to relevant section if required, didn't know where to post...
  20. N

    Pedestal fan

    Hello, my mother has been asking me to buy a pedestal fan. so, I want to know which fan would be good?, I have one choice- windstar farrata model from CG. Please suggest if any other company or model is good. CG model is good although it has no swing but air flow is good and local dealer has...
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