1. meetdilip

    Best phone under 16K

    Suggest me a good model under 16 K please. Android only.
  2. tkin

    Suggest a Microwave Oven Brand/Model

    Hey guys, my 10 yrs old Electrolux microwave oven finally kicked the bucket today. We had already repaired it once one year back for ~2k. There is no sense is prolonging its misery. So I need to purchase a new microwave oven. Requirements are as follows: 1. Require good durability and good...
  3. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on 2 TB External HDD

    My friend plans to buy a 2 TB External HDD. What are the options for him? Main purpose is to store personal photos , videos etc. I was suggesting WD but not sure which exact model to go for? Can someone please guide on the same?
  4. seamon

    What do you think of Acer G257HU?

    What do you guys think of this model? Acer G257HU smidpx 25-Inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) Widescreen Monitor: Computers & Accessories It's: 1) S-IPS(Super IPS because 4ms response timing). 2)WQHD. 3)LED lit. PS: Don't direct me to the questionnaire. :D
  5. GhorMaanas

    In-ear-headset (w/ mic) for Redmi 2 Prime [under 500/-]

    Hello! need the item in subject. budget is under Rs. 500. this one from nokia looks good: * would work with redmi? please...
  6. Revolution

    Internal Storage for OS & DATA

    Hi, My old Seagate 500GB SATA HDD is almost run out of space. So,I need a new internal storage for my desktop. Which brand & model should I chose ? Budget is not much but 3K. Don't want too spend too much on HDD cos they are neither reliable nor gonna last long. Confused between...
  7. D

    Headphones under 5k

    Please suggest some headphones which are under 5000, I already have Sennheiser HD 202 so looking for better model than this. Mainly will be used for movies and songs.
  8. sling-shot

    There Is An App For That - Ask Us !

    I thought we should have a thread for suggesting applications for mobile users based on their specific requirement. Basic questionnaire : 1. What is your mobile operating system including version number? If Android, please mention if rooted or not. Eg. Android, iOS, BlackBerryOS, Symbian...
  9. S

    Laptop with good graphics and processor speed

    Hi, I'm Shashank and looking for laptop with good graphics i.e 4GB and processor speed of at least 2.2 GHz with Turbo boost of upto 3.1 GHz preferably HP laptops. I'm interested in model HP Envy 15 K008TX but its not available anywhere except in Can you guide where this model can...
  10. Ironman

    Raspberry Pi 2 Model B - Where to Buy India

    I am planning to buy a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B * My First pi. :razz: 1.Where can i buy it from ? The Cheaper the Better. Any Helps / Guides / Anything Helpful regarding this is appreciated. 2.Is it available Locally ? in Kolkata ...
  11. P

    Need Help/Guidance here Friends

    Hello Everyone, I am BIG FAN of DIGIT and I new to this. I have some doubts, please help me. I had purchased a Sony laptop. But i had some problem in motherbord while i checked with multimeter, it was bios chip doesn't get power, so that affect the motherboard too, not functioning...
  12. A

    Sony vs LG Confused between 42" TV Model

    Hii People, I have done a lots of research and also seen the TV models live in stores,But yet not able to decide which will be the best.OK the TV Models im referring are Sony KDL-43W950C and LG 42LB6500. Sony looks awesome with the design and the display color,Also the duct speaker which is...
  13. S

    Which SSD should I buy?

    Hello folks. I am planning to buy a New SSD for my desktop rig.. I went to the lamington road in mumbai and wandered to check what are the running brands and models are available. I found kingston and samsung are the most running.. I found 240GB sandisk model costs around 6k with 3yrs...
  14. funskar

    Need camera under 35k

    My friend needs a slr/dslr under 35k. he sorted out canon 600d n nikon d31 some model.. Hope photographer digitians will help
  15. vedula.k95

    Moto E 1'st Gen for Second Gen? [Flipkart offer Rs 1500 off] Worth it?

    Hey forum, so as the title says i want to buy moto e 2nd gen 4g model by replacing the old one for Rs 1500 this a steal deal? or is there anything better.
  16. J

    Dell Inspiron 15R special edition RAM model

    What is the exact model of the default RAM stick present in the inspiron 15R special edition? Mine came with a 4 gb stick. Need to add another. Any link to buy the same model of RAM? Thanks in advance.
  17. G

    Invereter AC suggesion

    Room Size : 13L.12W.10H Direct sunlight on roof and 2 other sides. Location: Varanasi (U.P) Occupancy: My parent (50+ year) Budget: Around 50 K Usage: 10 Hour daily for 5-6 month ASS (After sale service) is the most important for consumer electronics which is generally poor across India for...
  18. RishiGuru

    Is this new Sharp Inverter AC model available in India?

    Today I browsed the Sharp India website (Sharp India) and found it to be a complete mess. Even messier than it was some 2.5 years back when I bought their inverter ACs. Most of the data seems wrong and I am not certain they update the site for newer models and even the images shown against the...
  19. ramakanta

    Lenovo Desktop PC ??

    want to buy a lenovo desktop pc . budget 30k to 35k. please help me about which series and what model to buy.
  20. L

    eBook reader within 10,000

    I'm looking for a decent eBook reader. Considering all the options I zeroed in on Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013 model) and its also on sale (2000 off) on Amazon but I'm a little skeptical about buying a 2013 device now. I looked online for hints about a Paperwhite refresh this year but didn't...
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