1. din

    Manage/Remove apps from Nokia S40 (Nokia 515). Possible?

    Tried many methods but couldn't uninstall/remove pre-installed apps from Nokia 515 (runs on Nokia S40). Wanted a good keypad mobile with solid build and that is the reason I bought it. Thinking back, I guess it wasn't a good decision :P Anyway, going to use it for some time and will see how it...
  2. gdebojyoti

    Methods of receiving payment from clients

    What are the best methods of receiving payment from clients who live in a different town/ city from yours? How safe is sharing my bank account number, so that they can deposit the amount at the bank's branch nearest to them?
  3. debarshi

    Rooting HCL ME Y2

    I got this HCL ME Y2 tablet as a gift..... Does anyone here have any idea on how to root this thing because normal root methods like oneclickroot are not working. Any help would be highly appreciated. :)
  4. powerhoney

    How do I root the Defy +

    As the title suggests, how do I root a Defy + running Android 2.3.6??? None of the methods that I googled seem to work!!! :cry::cry::cry:
  5. RBX

    Corrupt Drive

    One of my Logical Partitions is corrupt and I'm unable to access my 142+ GB of stuff. Please suggest some methods to avoid formatting / recover data after formatting.
  6. V

    What happened to Turmeric patent?

    the Bio piracy policies of USPTO firmly claimed all of the india's Bio assets which run in to millions of Bio products and indian medicines which were used from the time of Dhanvantri// Just the news are streaking, Apple just own a German court ruling, resulting thousands of Samsung Galaxy...
  7. G

    If You Had Your Own Computer Troubleshooting Centre

    Hello everyone! I am starting a new computer service center, and im looking for active ideas to make my pc repair unit more customer friendly as well as to provide high tech support..and of course..increase the rep and net profit of my pc repair unit. If you had your own computer service...
  8. Ron

    Getin Admin Access in LAn

    hey frens currently i am takin a computer course in Aptech. All the computers out there are conected through LAn and i am provided with a user name and password which has no admin rights...However Regedit and pendrive is accessible. For some fun and knowledge i want to hack the admin...
  9. JohnephSi

    LOCAL DISK C low space

    hy guys i ve 30 mb left in my 9.31 gb local disk c ...i ve 200 gb in total in my system...wht shud i do to increase this ..tried with all methods of deleting temp folder no use...immediae help needed.........plz
  10. Psychosocial

    Ways to clean a scratched disk ?

    Can you guys suggest me some methods to clean scratched disc ? I have tried to clean 3 different discs with 3 different methods (the Dettol/Savlon method, the toothpaste method and the simple mineral water method) and the last one kinda works... the others just ****ed up my disc more :D. Any...
  11. Pragadheesh

    C# regarding progress bar

    hi, private void mnuTestGen_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) // by pragadheesh { Test(); btnTestGen_Click(sender, e); } in the above code,the methods Test() and btnTestGen_Click() takes time, so i want to add a progress bar as...
  12. Faun

    How to check purity of Ghee ?

    Buddies is there any easy method to know the purity of Ghee. Yeah I know there are chemical reagent methods but I don't have those chemicals. Any help will be appreciated.
  13. Anindya

    Adsense + blog problem.

    I think many of u all have noticed that i have very recently blogging. I have face d few problems before and those problems were solved. Now again i am facing a peculiar problem. Till yesterday morning the ads were shown in the sidebar. But suddenly it is not showing in the sidebar whereas...
  14. anish_sha

    Deadly virus attack.. ! ! Pls help

    Hi frenz, i'm screwed up for last two days when my system is attacked by a deadly virus(trojan)ever in my 7 years of computer life,i had avast n spybot installed,but no use,one fine day when i started my os,my screen was just having a wallpaper without any desktop icons,i tried several methods...
  15. RCuber

    Can thinkdigit load faster?

    This forum loads very slow for me at office. I tried both the forum themes but it takes lot of time. The archive interface loads very fast but doesnt have much usabality as I cannot reply to the messages, is there any other methods to speedup digit in IE 7 or any settings in User CP? Pls donot...
  16. ashfame

    ntfs read / write in dos

    Hi guys! I need to copy some files on NTFS in dos mode! Suggest some methods dat doesnt involve use of FDD
  17. Lucky_star

    How will it work?

    Anybody know how to use the earphone jack provided on the CD-DVD drive? I have tried out various methods, but didn't work.
  18. iMav

    Blu-ray Encryption Defeated

    The hacker who cracked HD DVD strikes again by defeating Blu-ray Disc encryption Late last year, a crafty individual who goes by the name “Muslix64” circumvented the copy protection scheme used to protect HD DVD. Given the similarities between the copy protection methods used in the...
  19. F

    Can the war against terrorists be won by Satyagraha???

    Do u guys think that terrorists can be defeated by Satyagrah?? There have been uncountable wars in the world....would there be any change if we resort to non-violence and use peaceful methods to solve the problem as Gandhiji once said??
  20. N

    mirc ip change..

    any one knoe about the software that can change ur ip in mirc ..i try hopster but need to buy it..any other methods to change ip in mirc..
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