1. shiwa436

    NTLDR missing..

    Hi friends, when I tried to turn on my system... a msg "ntldr missing press ctrl+alt+del for restart" was showing. by pressing the combination its just restarting my system to show up the same message. I am here with no clue what to do. plz help me in this regard.
  2. I

    what did i do wrong

    Dear imrocking_since92, You have received an infraction at Digit Technology Discussion Forum. Reason: Violation of Bazaar section rules. Guys i got this message after i posted the following message in bazaar section: "Hey guys i want to sell my xfx geforce 8600 ddr2 512 mb ram for only Rs...
  3. mayurthemad

    Nokia c5 browsing problem

    Hello guys, i am mayurthemad and i have a nokia c5. The problem is whenever i try to browse the net on my mobile through opera mini, some sort of message comes like this "General: memory full, please close some applications". Now this message comes frequently & really irritates me :( . Plz guys...
  4. ajayritik

    Getting alert C: space is less and need to remove data

    Hi Friends, Recently I find that I'm constantly getting this message C: space is less and need to remove files I don't recollect installing anything newly recently nor have I copied any thing into C: but still I get this message. I have tried removing temp files etc but still get this message...
  5. R

    I need a phone to use for internet with less budget

    I want a good phone(samsung,Nokia like branded) which is under 2000 and want use net in that.Rest anything is not necessary.The message storage and contact storage should be high.If edge is there it will be very good
  6. Desmond

    [SOLVED] How to remove stock SMS app in android?

    Hi, I installed a custom ROM in my phone (Dell XCD28) however, I don't like its default messaging app, hence I installed GoSMS. Now, whenever I get a message, it receive two copies of the same message. I tried disabling notifications in the stock app, but it doesn't help. I therefore want to...
  7. Anish

    Error message at startup

    Hi friends, I am having a IBM thinkpad with windows 7 professional. All drivers are installed and everything is working fine. (I mean the hotkeys for volume control located on the side of keypad.) I now recently installed Mac osx lion transformation pack. Ever since i installed the...
  8. ghantaukay

    L.A.Noire installation problem

    I have purchased LA Noire (paid,mind you).On installation I get the message that a mandatory patch needs to be downloaded.The first time i downloaded I got the full 100% download complete and after that...Nothing....I waited and waited and in the end I cancelled. I tried to reinstall the patch...
  9. J

    Installation of Windows 7 in new HDD with old Laptop

    Hello My Laptop Sony Vaio was slow at start up. I showed it in Sony service centre. They told me that the HDD (Toshiba) crashed. I changed with new one HDD (WD). I installed the windows 7 which I was took the back up earlier. After installation, the pop-up message is showing as "Windows could...
  10. S

    Folder lock...cant unlock

    Hi, I had recently created a lock folder and added another folder to it on Folder Lock 6.5. Now when i try to unlock it a error message come up asking me to restart (i have attached the same as FL1). But even after numerous restarts nothing has changed. Please help me , It has all my five...
  11. slashragnarok

    "Press F1 to enter setup" message on startup

    My current config is the one in my signature. The problem is that if I start my PC after a long duration, say 2 days, a message shows "Press F1 to enter setup". After entering bios setup I find that all my OC settings have been reset. I don't think this is a CMOS battery problem as the system...
  12. MarveL

    Help! Ping error 1232 in Vista

    Hi friends, I have a 3 years old hp pavilion laptop running Vista Home 32 bit. I have a cable broadband (RJ45) internet connection from a local ISP. I have a fixed IPv4 IP address. Yesterday I was browsing the web when suddenly the connection went dead. :cry: On pinging the host I am...
  13. Zangetsu

    Self Messaging in Forum..a bug or not a bug?

    Hi Guys, :Wave: :chinscratch: Couldn't decide whether its a Bug or not a bug. otherwise I wud have posted in TDF bug reporting thread... Do you know that u can PM (Private Message) & also Visitor Message to yourself same as u can email to yourself... this is also applicable to SMS to same...
  14. M

    How to know if someone blocks you on FB?

    I noticed that one of my friends on Facebook, does not appear more in the friend list. In the message box, his profile picture does not appear also, and when I click on the name, it does not open his profile... I tried to send a message but, a window said that it was not possibile to send...
  15. Anish

    Error message when booting windows

    Hello friends, My pc while booting displays Invalid boot.ini file Booting from c:\windows\ and it boots normally after this message. Anyways, i want to get rid of this message. PC details: Processor: Intel C2D OS: Windows xp professional Thanks
  16. T

    How many of you have websites or want to setup one

    How many of you have your own website or below.. Even if you are thinking to setup one contact me i will help you till you setup.. Just message me or post below and i will get to you... thanks..
  17. vidhubhushan

    Seems some Sites Blocked by Tata Photon+

    since today morning, I am unable to open few file hosting / sharing sites - rapidshare uploading filefactory filesonic filesflash fileserve wupload easyshare hotfile the following sites work - megashare megaupload oron i have even changed dns to google dns. what...
  18. the.kaushik

    Adding a dynamic greeting message for your blogs/websites visitor

    Hi All, Hoping that i am posting in the right section. I created this small plugin and wanted to share with ThinkDigit geeks. Plugin Name: Greet Box universal Ver: 4.0 This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your visitors depending on their referrer url. For example, when a...
  19. H

    Messaging problem in N8...

    I have a Nokia N8.Whenever I try to send any message to anyone the message just comes in the outbox and it comes written over there - Resend at 3 mins later(i.e. if the time at which I send the message is 5:30 pm then it displays- "Resend at 5:33 pm"). But after the 3 mins are over , 3 more mins...
  20. T

    Google+ Privacy

    Dear Friends, Got into a very weired situation today! In my G+ 1 guy has added me to his circle and the most interesting part is, we both do not know each other!! What I had to do: 1.: I was forced to add him to my CIRCLE. 2.: Then I wrote him a Private Message with the + sign...
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