1. D

    Network getting hanged in S2

    Hello all, I am facing a problem with my S2(bought 1.5 yrs ago)... I rooted my handset and installed RootBox rom. After a while I started facing a problem like, my handset would be functioning properly but, if someone would try calling me he would get the message that the number is switched off...
  2. C

    [Urgent] BIOS Error ""Error sending End of Post message to ME"

    When my system boots up, it stalls like nothing is happening and remains blank for few minute and then a message pops up "Error sending End of Post message to ME" and then starts. But after 3-4 minute of use, system crashes and get turnoff instantaneously. I've shown it in service center...
  3. RON28

    Tata Docomo giving 3G speeds in 2G packs for 7 days

    Hello today i got this message from Tata docomo, getting 3G speeds from today morning
  4. B

    USB Pen Drive has bad sector

    My friend has a 16 GB Transcend pen drive. He bought it less than a year ago from Flipkart. Now when he attaches it to the computer, it gives a message that the device is not formatted, and when we try to format it, the format fails (quick format). I tried formatting it in command prompt, and...
  5. ajayritik

    External HDD throws message This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that mig

    I have a Western Digital 2 TB External HDD. After I copy content into the HDD and try to eject it I always get this message: "This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again." I ensure that the device is not in use but still I...
  6. vijju6091

    Help Needed Samsung galaxy Note Not behaving well

    Hiiii My Friend's Galaxy Note is not behaving well, Let me tell you what happen, Day before yesterday he Tried To download Images from a mail (Gmail), In notification Bar Image downloading Was coming but Image did not get download. Now In notification Bar the The same message Is Coming From...
  7. C

    BIOS Error ""Error sending End of Post message to ME"

    On starting my Acer laptop, its shows black screen for few minutes. Then afterwards an error message is shown on screen saying ""Error sending End of Post message to ME" then it starts normally with loud noise coming from fan rotating at high speed. After 3-4 minute it get turnoff...
  8. G

    Messages not sent in micromax canvas hd

    I recently bought a micromax canvas hd. I tried messaging from it using my bsnl sim. The message is not sent. I tried changing the sim to my old mob. and it work fine.Tower is also full. Why doesnt the message go? i also tried changing slim card slots.
  9. sohan_92

    Micromax 352G dongle Dial failure

    Greetings everyone. One year ago, i bought a micromax MMX352 dongle.Everything was going fine until today when i tried to connect it shows "Dial Failed,do you want to retry ? " and it keeps showing the same message whenever i try to connect.:-( I am using windows 7 ultimate 32-bit OS.Any...
  10. Harsh Pranami

    Problems with usb 3g hspa modem

    Hi friends. I recently purchased this usb modem huawei e303c. It's giving me goosebumps since then. I have this g6-2005ax lappy which has 2 usb 3.0 ports and one usb 2.0 port. Now here is the problem. When I plug the modem in one of the usb 3.0 ports it gets detected fine and the mobile partner...
  11. papul1993

    Check out this decentralized message sending application: Bitmessage

    Quoting their wiki, Website: * So run this app on your computer and send some messages. :) My Bitmessage ID is BM-opKynnnvggGGevjC1TGZEDHcoTGs7ax9S
  12. anmolksharma

    HTC One V - USB connecting problem

    I am facing a problem with connecting my HTC One V to computer via USB cable - Whenever I try to connect the phone via USB with computer, I get this error message "USB device not recognized". I tried connecting on different computers but get this same message. However the phone starts charging...
  13. M

    internet explorer 7/8/9 not supported on this operating system

    I use genuine windows 7. however,sometime back,I had deleted the internet explorer 7. Now I am not able to install,none of the IE versions. during the installation process,the above message appears. what is the solution if any?a google search has not helped much.
  14. T

    how to stop getting this message? "atheros pcie ethernet contoller"

    I hv win 8 pro installed on my pc. recently I attached another hard disk of my old pc to this one and since then I get this strange message everytime I start or restart my pc. its realy annoying that it stays for a pretty while and slows down my pc's startup. otherwise my win 8 use to startup in...
  15. ghantaukay

    Windows 7 Home Premium installation ID problems

    Hi. I use genuine Win 7 Home Premium OS. Recently I bought a OCZ ssd and on the advice of this forum I did a clean re install of windows . Everything is fine except that my windows 7 has to be reactivated within 3 days. I tried using the phone in option and was told to type in the installation...
  16. theserpent

    MTNL Bil error to 13Cr

    Mangalorean.Com- Serving Mangaloreans Around The World!
  17. pratyush997

    Anonymous Sends Christmas Greetings to Kuwaiti Crown Prince by Hacking His Official Website

    The famous online Hackavist group Anonymous have hacked and defaced the official website of Diwan of the Kuwaiti Crown Prince (, greeting to the Prince and the protesters who were allegedly tortured and jailed by the Kuwaiti government. The group left a Christmas card ”type of”...
  18. somebodysme

    Samsung Star 3G (S5603) help

    Hi all, I have my old Samsung Star 3G (S5603) and I want to transfer messages from it to android phone. I took message backup through Message manager but this file is not recognisable in android device. Please tell me what to do. Thanks in advance
  19. Flash

    Pakistani Taliban creates Facebook page to recruit

    The banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan have created a Facebook page to recruit persons to write for a planned quarterly magazine and to work on tasks like video editing and translation. The Umar Media TTP page, which has nearly 290 likes, has a message posted on November 22 seeking writers for...
  20. F

    Just Cause 2 - [ERROR]

    Hi! I have done a lot of research on this issue, but to no avail. I bought Just Cause 2 and installed and ran through steam, but it says: Not enough storage to complete this operation. I have 8GB DDR3 1066Mhz RAM, and have NO idea why this message is coming.
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