1. Cyberghost

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Mass Effect: Andromeda * Studios - Bioware Montreal Publisher - EA Release Date - 2016 Mass Effect 4 has an official name and release window. Mass Effect: Andromeda, announced during EA’s E3 press conference, has been announced for a Holiday...
  2. L

    Mass Effect and Diablo not working on HP Laptop

    I had bought Mass Effect and Diablo Game discs the other day and tried to play on my HP Laptop but after they finished installing and asked to proceed for gameplay they abruptly stopped and windows showed check compatibility settings. The configuration of laptop is : AMD A8 Processor 500 GB...
  3. T

    IndieGala Bundle (Mass Effect 2 for 6$)

    Hey guys, IndieGala is having one of their sales. You'll get Mass Effect 2 if you pay more than the average , these are the bundled games: Rebuild Kill Fun Yeah Shadowgrounds Gimbal Shank 2 Zombie Driver Mass Effect 2 (5.85$ and above) Link: *
  4. rst

    Mass Effect 4

    Mass effect series is my favorite game series. Now there is news for mass effect 4. So we can expect mass effect 4 in 2014-16(although actual date not confirmed). There will be no "Shepard " in mass effect 4 (new story) for more...
  5. RCuber

    Logitech G400 Configuration Query

    Hey guys I have a couple of questions regarding the G400, I have the Logitech Gaming Software Installed. 1. How do you configure a button to toggle between primary and secondary? for example I have set the forward key as secondary (2) , works fine but I need to switch between the weapons ( 1...
  6. gameranand

    New Mass Effect Game in Works

    OK the Omega DLC was just released for ME3 and now Bioware has started working on a new Mass Effect game, name of game is not disclosed yet. Bioware is asking gamers to give their feedback for the game, what they want, what they don't and all that. Would you like a new ME game after ME3 ?? What...
  7. N

    [For Sale] PS3 - Mass Effect 3

    PS3 - Mass Effect 3 Rs.900 Shipped Disc has crack in inner ring i.e. on plastic as per attached it works gud in PS3 with no problems whatsoever... intrstd buyer can contact me... in case disc doesn't work refund wld be given...
  8. mandarpalshikar

    Mass Effect 3 "Out of Memory" problem

    While running ME3 sometimes when new levels are being loaded I get warning from windows that Mass Effect 3 is using a lot of memory (more than 6 GB) out of my 8GB. I can ignore that warning but then after sometime the game hangs. I checked in task manager and mass effect 3 executable uses around...
  9. funskar

    Windows Phone 8 to get mass storage and screenshot support

    As a function essential in the daily experience, the screenshot seems to have been Microsoft's hidden for a long time , with the approaching of the Windows Phone, the function of screenshots have surfaced, although Microsoft officials have not announced this feature and foreign websites Luo...
  10. prabhu.wali

    Software Firm :D

    hey fellas, I take great pride in letting you all know that me and my pals started our very own software development firm called Mass Minds,wish us luck and we are online @ :D
  11. SunnyGamingHD2

    Mass Effect 3 Fans Raise Awareness for Game’s Ending by Donating to Charity

    The ongoing saga regarding Mass Effect 3’s ending has reached a new and very interesting point, as fans have started a petition to convince BioWare to change the conclusion of the game. And, in order to really make their effort stand out, they’ve begun donating to charity, managing to raise over...
  12. Alok

    Data lost..

    Hello ! I had Mass Effect (genuine) . I copied whole dvd on my HD for backup. Now dvd got corrupted. Last Night, i was installing it , suddenly i saw there was less space in my c: drive so i aborted installation process. Again clicked setup.exe and got a message saying=> "Language...
  13. S

    Im unable to connect my Optimus One to computer via PC suite.. HELP

    im trying to connect the phone using bundled PC suite IV. but it is not recognising the phone. I have unchecked th "Mass storage Only" optin. still not working. plzz help n guide me stp by step. thnx
  14. S

    Problem in redhat linux

    hai friends, how to disable mass storage like pen drive usage in redhat linux or opensolaris? and is there is any way to check that mass storage device has been used in the computer like windows have. thanks in advance
  15. tkin

    Steelseries QCK Mass Mousemat

    Price Revised Hi guys, have this QCK Mass mousemat here for sale. Purchased on: 10/01/2011 Bill: Available Product Description Reason for sale: Want to try razer pads. Original Price: 700+tax My Price: 350/-+Shipping Revised price, sorry for inconvenience. Shipping is user...
  16. Faun

    Prey 2

    BVCfo6CLkb0 * Starts in parallel with Prey 1 timeline but different perspective from a Bounty Hunter's POV. Gonna be Mirror's Edge, Mass effect, Borderlands + Killzone 2 esque. Bethesda and Human Head venture :) - Main character is Killian Samuels, sheriff and...
  17. abhidev

    Mass Effect 2 for PS3 has improved graphics

    Bioware have revealed that the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 has ‘gone gold’ – meaning work on the game has been completed – and more importantly, that the game is going to use the engine they created for Mass Effect 3. This will make the game visually superior to its XBOX 360 version...
  18. Ethan_Hunt

    Mass Effect 3

    *catches breath* Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you my most anticipated game for PC next year (or the year after); MASS "F*CKIN'" Effect 3! Yes and it has received an announcement trailer: 6kyQxpwjWDc *releases breath* Now is that bad-ass or what?
  19. S

    help to purchase a laptop in kolkata

    hello everyone,plz help me to buy a msi gx740 laptop in kolkata.plz tell me the address,from where i can buy this laptop?plz give me the price details of the laptop in it able to play mass effect 2 with its 5870 gpu?plz help me. Thanks in advance.
  20. W

    Help Needed Regarding Nokia X6

    Hi Friends ! I have Purchased a Nokia X6 16 GB Today dont know how I can check Memory in Nokia PC Suit Phone Memory shows 300 mb. How could i copy data in 16 GB Please help me Thanks in Advance ---------- Post added at 08:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:56 PM ---------- & One...
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