1. R

    NVIDIA to no longer focus on smartphones

    Well this is really really Sad .. Considering how good tegra 4i and tegra k1 were turning out to be .. all they needed was to make it better available to a wider market after failed tegra 2, tegra 3 and somewhat tegra 4( it was a great product though) they were right on target with tegra 4i...
  2. SaiyanGoku

    AMD launches Kabini APUs in India starting at Rs 2,299

    * *
  3. Randy_Marsh

    Need laptop immediately..Budget 45k

    Hi All, I am looking for a new laptop on immediate basis. Min. config which i am looking out for 1) Core i3,i5 4th generation (can go for 3rd gen if its worth it.) 2) 740m or better graphics. 3) Min 4 GB ram 4) 500GB or above harddisk would be fine for me. I am not sure with what...
  4. H

    iphone 4s from Gaffar Market

    A couple of my friends bought iphone 4s ranging from Rs 15k to 19k depending on how long the phone's been used. The 15k iphone 4s white (without earphones but with original charger) had a bit of scratch at the audio jack and is about 4 months old while the 19k iphone 4s black was brand new...
  5. funskar

    Motorola might come back to India

    Motorola might come back to India with the launch of Moto G . In the last half a decade or so, Motorola hasn’t been able to retain the kind of market share that it once had in the Indian upper end handsets. Its owner Google had completely shut down the shop in the country post...
  6. S

    Is it good to buy LED TV from Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh?

    Hi everyone, I am planning to purchase a Sansung/Sony Full HD LED TV. I have enquired at Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh and I am getting a 40 inch Samsung @ Rs. 32k (5 series) and 40 inch Sony at 34k (both smart TVs). Of course, they come with no warranty and bill. Thats the reason why the same model...
  7. I

    3g card and usb dongle

    hi, is it possible to use my 3g sim card (normal size) from my handset to use with usb modems we get in dlink etc. whenever i wish? (with same data plans) regards
  8. C

    Amazon launches Kindle Fire HDX with snapdragon 800 and retina+ disp for $229 onwards

    Amazon seems to be taking the fight right at the gates of the enemies, offering tablets with better hardware than the Nexus 7 2013 for the same price. And, challenging the iPad with higher resolution screens and superior battery performance. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX announced Good to see a...
  9. R

    Suggest me something cool that I can design and develop guys..

    Hi, I am an electronics engineer with a fairly good knowledge in the domain and practical experience. I am in a full time job as well. Currently thinking of design/develop something in my spare time (maybe as a team) that can be a good add-on for pc/smartphone. wrt that, you guys suggest...
  10. ZTR

    IDC: Micromax close to overtaking Samsung in India

    Looks like its Clone vs Original lol xD
  11. mohit9206

    Nokia not big on India, sees the market as its "least favourable" for doing buisiness

    Nokia not big on India, sees the market as its "least favourable" for doing buisiness | Windows Phone Central
  12. K

    Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

    When it is comming to indian market? Price? Review?
  13. quagmire

    India is now the world's third-largest smartphone market

    India is now the world's third-largest smartphone market: Report | NDTV Gadgets
  14. A

    hey any idea about price?

    Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card wanna know local market price for this card.. any help
  15. maverick786us

    HP Envy TouchSmart 15-J001TX

    When will we see these laptops in indian market? Will these laptops ever come into indian markets? I like these laptops because of beautiful looks and most important 1080P resolution. Will these laptops ever come into indian market? Or just like any other time indian distributers will ignore...
  16. M

    Best noise cancelling earphones in market

    Hi everyone I have always used this forum before buying a gadget and I have never been disappointed. So here I am again with another one of my queries. I work from home and I find it difficult to concentrate if there is even slightest noise in the background. So I am looking for the best...
  17. M

    ipads in pakistan

    Sony Xperia Tablet Z is a the latest attempt by Sony to get rewards of the hot tablets in Pakistan market. Its premature to figure out the success or failure. ipads in pakistan
  18. T

    Enterprise Software Market to reach $3.92 billion in India

    Gartner recently revealed that the enterprise software market in India is expected to touch $3.92 billion in 2013. The firm claimed that despite the present challenging economic scenario this particular market would be able to nark a steady 13.9 percent growth its revenue of $3.45 billion in the...
  19. H

    Is Nintendo Doomed?

    Yes - They shouldn't enter a market that has crashed so spectacularly and stick to their successful arcade and game & watch lines. Yes - SEGAs foothold established by the Mega Drive is too strong. Nintendo will never be able to break it. Yes - They cannot hope to compete with a juggernaut...
  20. G

    Chinese mobile firms enter indian market- Next revolution?

    The Hindu Source2 .... Meanwhile demand for cheap smartphone is obviously high. Micromax Canvas Viva A72, sold out in an hour
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