1. W

    No good budget B350 AMD mobo in market?

    Nowadays there is no good budget B350 mobo in market,all I see is Asus B350M-A & similarly priced MSI model priced at ~7.3k.In 6-7k range again there are only 2 B350 models,one from asus & one from msi,both having 4 sata ports.If one wants a B350 mobo with 6 sata ports then no choice below 7k...
  2. Ricky

    Ricoh Printers and MFD .. are they worthy ?

    Hi, I am looking to buy a MFD , found Ricoh SP310SFN suitable with in 10K budget. But, I have never seen anyone using it, is it good buy in terms of after sales services as well after market repairs ? I am looking for an MFD with good scanner, wireless connectivity, cheapest price and...
  3. Ronnie11

    2.1 speakers for LCD TV.Budget around 4000

    Hi Guys, I have a 42 inch lg lcd tv. I am looking for a good set of speakers preferably 2.1 with an RMS output of 50 watts or more. My budget is 4000. How many options do i have in the market?
  4. M

    Phone Manufacturers: Who's whom?

    I've been amazed with the facts about the phone manufacturers and their tie-ups. Even more amazed with the knowledge of how some companies are actually subsets of others. I thought it would be a good idea to discuss that and unveil the insides of the smartphone market. Also, this thread would...
  5. S

    Need help on buying Chromecast

    Hi All, Please suggest is it worth to buy google chromecast? Or any other such hardware is available in market? Use:- Accessing youtube on LED 32 inch tv.
  6. M

    MSI 1080 Founder's Edition

    MSI 1080 Founder's Edition is now out in the market. Thoughts ? - - - Updated - - -
  7. S

    Nextbit Robin mobiles cloud storage

    This 25 nextbit robin going release their handsets in Indian market which have clud storage access No slot for SD, purely based on cloud storage, In order to access cloud it has definitely have net through Data/wifi. What are concerns on this new to indian market.
  8. chimera201

    Microsoft's gaming division getting desperate to gain back market share

    Microsoft GDC party criticised for exotic dancers, Phil Spencer apologises •
  9. A

    Best Portable 2TB Hard Drive.

    I've been using Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB since June last year, and I'm happy with its performance. But now I have to get another one of the same capacity. Which is the best option available in the market? Consider cost per GB, read/write speed, portability, compatibility and other criteria.
  10. Z

    need a good sleek smart phone

    i need a phone under 30k. have found many phones under the brand asus, zenfone, one plus, honor but my problem is these brandS are kinda new n recent in the smartphone market so m having troubling placing my trusts in them regardless of there specs. ny thoughts and do suggest some phones!
  11. S

    Any carrizo laptop available in market?

    It is more than 6 months but still no Carrizo laptop out there. I'm looking for following config 1) What is your budget? ~35k 2) What size & weight consideration - Mainstream; 14" to 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Lamp...
  12. S

    Reliable Chager for MOTO E 1st Gen

    My MOTO E charger stopped working. I would like to know reliable Chargers available in market. Really appreciate suggestions from MOTO E owners. Thanks spandey
  13. vedula.k95

    Visiting Mumbai[Suggest me places]

    Hello Forum, i will be visiting Mumbai name me some places worth visit Priority Tech Market A specific store where i can buy arduino accessories aka Electronic modules.
  14. K

    Ratan Tata Buys Stake in Chinese Phone Maker Xiaomi

    source- Ratan Tata Buys Stake in Chinese Phone Maker Xiaomi - Just thought it was interesting news and felt I could share
  15. jackal_79

    LG G2 Or Nexus 5

    Hi , It seems currently LG G2 D802T is available on lesser or same price than Nexus 5 in both online as well as local market (In local market G2 is 5000 Rs/- lesser than N5). Which would be a safer bet to buy currently?
  16. N

    Help needed in buying Air Conditioners

    Hi, I need to buy 3 Acs 1) 1 1.5 ton ac (budget under 45K, room size is around 13x14) 2) and 2 1 ton acs (budget under 65K, room size is around 10x11) I am a total noob in the AC market so have as good as no knowledge. Would prefer the inverter models. I stay in Mumbai. Thanks.
  17. A

    Micromax becomes Largest Mobile Phone Vendor in India overtaking Samsung

    Micromax overtakes Samsung to become leading India handset vendor in Q2 Read more at: Micromax overtakes Samsung to become leading India handset vendor in Q2 - The Economic Times source: Micromax claims top spot in overall handset sales in India, Samsung still leads in smartphones; Motorola...
  18. M

    What is the local market price of nexus 7 (2013) right now?

    I want to buy a nexus 7(2013). Its available for Rs.17,890 on flipkart (16GB,Wifi). Please quote the price if any of you have recently bought a nexus 7 from the local market for cheaper. Is there a better tablet available in the market around that price? My priorities are mainly web browsing...
  19. R

    Want to buy Alienware 17 laptop from market thread, but can't post being a new member

    Want to buy Alienware 17 laptop from market thread, but can't post being a new member. So help me guys!
  20. A

    Internal HDD 3.5" - 1 TB , looking for actual market cost?

    My existing HDD 250Gb WD Blue (5 yrs old).. is not being detected by the bios. Plaining to purchase a new one 3.5" HDD - 1 TB - Lowest cost and wht will be the max. warranty I can get. Which brack should i go for ... Seagate or WD .. which one is more reliable ?? Online prices shows lots of...
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