1. R

    Downgrade apps

    Hi guys, Is there any way of installing an earlier version of an app in Android? I have a ASUS Zenfone Pro M1 running Oreo 8.1 and has a default 9.83 version of Google Maps. I want the Google Map version not later than 9.36, but the apk will not install - "App Not Installed" is the result. Any...
  2. Nishandh

    any suggestion around 5K , comparable to Gionee Pioneer P2M pls ?

    Hi, I am looking for a phone with excellent battery backup. CONDENSED : 5-7K budget, 3G DualSIM, small screen is OK, Front cam, MAPs should work good[good GPS], PioneerP2M seems good in specs. Any comments or other options with comparable battery backUp ? I have gone through the sticky...
  3. rohitshakti2

    Can't save google maps in android phone

    Hi I am trying to save maps on Moto E but am not able to find the settings to save the map for offline use. Please help. I have the latest maps apk installed. Regards
  4. rohitshakti2

    Maps & CM10 updates for Pantech Burst

    Hi friends I am looking for an application for my Pantech Burst for offline maps. Nokia had released its maps application. Can anyone tell how is it as compared to Google maps and from where can I download it and also the offline Delhi maps. Is there any other application which is equally...
  5. S

    Here maps on Android

    Have anybody tried porting Here maps on Android. I was searching for good offline navigation for Android in India however no maps could match the ease and places shown in Here maps :banghead::banghead:. Any good suggestion on maps in Android is also fine however it needs to be offline and should...
  6. ramakanta

    Google Maps For Offline Use

    How to save Google Maps with High definition for offline used for specific location or Village ???
  7. rakeshmarar

    Sygic + Mapmyindia maps at Rs. 172 !!

    Sygic app is available on Google play for rs. 199. Alternatively, there is a cheaper option. 1) Install trial app sygic from Google play. 2) Let it download basefiles 3) In the mean time go to Sygic portal and buy India maps 4) Price - 2.99 Euro (Don't choose USD) 5) At time of checkout -...
  8. P

    CS Global Offensive Maps Install

    I have tried some of the ways that i could understand for installing custom maps but it didn't work(it didn't show the maps when i search it inside:- play with bots in offline mode)... I tried this map-> "aim_rain_final_version" Please tell me how to make it work... and take the above map as...
  9. pranav0091

    Lumia 920: Rise of the underdog

    I bought this phone a couple of weeks ago, when it was pricier than it is now (37.2k vs 36k on FK). And I have no regrets. Absolutely none. That’s already saying quite a bit about this phone. Okay, now let me get a proper review in. And oh, BTW, if you are expecting me to talk about benchmarks...
  10. S

    help improve google/nokia maps for your location

    Im sure most of us use gps on our smartphones for navigation. however at times there are places/ landmarks that aren't listed. As most of the maps for india are user created i want to appeal to all of you to add to these maps which is very simple. Ive written an article (which im not posting...
  11. S

    Google Maps back on iPhone 5

    After so much criticism it was only a matter of time before google maps returned on iOs bringing turn by turn navigation and other features. More here
  12. T

    Apple CEO's apologies for iOS 6 Maps App

    Apple CEO Tim Cook made a public apology for the new Maps App in iOS6. Since the map has been built from ground up, it will take a while to integrate all the features and commitment to its customers. Read more
  13. randomuser111

    Iphone 5 India priceing & launch ?

    Guys, anybody know what the price is gonna be for a 32/64GB IP5 in India ? Also when is it expected to launch ? The benchmark numbers of the IP5 have tempted me so much that I can't resist buying an IP5 now :P There are a few FU IP5s available right now on Ebay but they are priced...
  14. comp@ddict

    iOS 6 vs Android 4.1 vs WP8 - Of things to come

    Many websites were quick to jump gun and publish a 3 way comparison. But they made one error. They compared 2 unreleased OSes with 1 nearly 8 months old. Here is an opinion piece on the latest 3 announced OSes this month (making June, indeed the hottest month of the year!) Seems...
  15. Soumik

    New Mobile suggestion required

    Hi Guys, I am planning to buy a new phone that will work with T Mobile 3G frequencies. I have a free 3G data plan, but my Defy can only pick up the edge connection, cause it doesnt support the 1700/2100 frequency. Also, I'm in a new place, so need maps a lot to navigate around. And somehow...
  16. K

    How to Get Link to Directions on Google Maps ?

    Hi Guys, I was trying to use Google Maps to find directions from Point A to Point B and I wanted to send the link of that to one of my friend. Now I do see there is a link option available on google maps to send the link to someone, so when he opens it he directly sees the directions. But...
  17. Terabyte

    3D Google Maps Cube game ready to play!!

    The 3D Google Maps Cube Game Is Ready to Challenge Your Reflexes Check out the game here -> *
  18. G

    Nokia Drive exclusive to Nokia devices !?!?

    Nokia Drive is this super cool feature in Nokia Lumia. Nokia Drive provides a GPS, with turn by turn directions, that can’t be matched for free by any competitor. And it comes pre loaded in every Lumia device. Check out this super cool video to know more! Drive and Maps - Nokia Lumia 800 -...
  19. socrates

    Nokia Maps hacked to work with all WP7 devices

    Nokia Maps hacked to work with all WP7 devices
  20. Sarath

    Which GPS Maps & Navigator app to get for Android?

    I am using an Android phone on 2.3.3 on stock built. I know every Android has Google maps pre-installed, but it only runs online. This is becoming a huge problem for me. I have a net pack but I am worried about when it doesn't. I do not want to reach out for a Nokia phone each time I need to...
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