1. ax3

    which game ???

    hi, just saw this old skoar mag & saw this image ... can any1 tell me which game is it ??? so i could get the desktop wallpaper ... thanx
  2. r4gs

    Feedback [May 2012]

    Our sincerest apologies people, I do believe the team was really short-handed last month ( I was on leave myself ) and it looks like everyone was too exhausted to notice ( Yes, we do have to work that hard :D ) that the feedback thread wasn't up. Please leave your feedback (those who already...
  3. D

    PS3 magazine

    Not sure if this has been posted before. Is there any gaming mag for ps3 specifically... Looking for demos and reviews/videos etc. in India
  4. P

    Chromium OS

    inspired by the mag, i downloaded the latest chromium os from the site mentioned. But now after booting, my wifi is not being switched on and so i cant even start the setup. My laptop is compaq presario cq42. Please help me!! I want a second os to hang on to and this is perfect!!! pleaseeeee...
  5. V

    Digit's Poor courier service+pathetic help@thinkdigit

    Poor courier service I have been a subscriber of digit for past 3 months and I never get magazine on time, last month's mag. arrived on 15th july, that to, when i called courier company atleast 4 times and asked them to deliver it, this month also it has been 9th august and i am still...
  6. jayantr7

    [book]The secret of hacking

    i saw this book's ad on the mag<--The secret of hacking i am looking forward to buy this book....howz it??has anyone tried it??plz tell me... and what all will we learn from that??can it be ordered by cash-on-delivery[i think it shud] it worth buying??
  7. P

    Help regarding Digit Mag

    yesterday i try to buy this Digit Mag using SBI Debit card i went through all the payment process but when it link back to site, it says process failed. But this morning when i checked my account, 200 got deducted from my account since i've been charged Rs.200, will i still get...
  8. ╬Switch╬

    will a photocopy of the subscription form do?

    I don't want to cut the mag. So is it okay?
  9. rollcage

    Hows this T3 India Mag?? I need ur reviews plz!

    Hey people, anyone of you reading T3 or a subscriber of this mag - T3 India!! I am thinking about subscribing it.. any comments, give ur review hows is it! I am sure some of you must have read a few editions of it atleast if not all. Secondly, they are giving away, X-Mini Speaker with...
  10. M

    What about Software Development or PHP

    Hi Guys I am Mag Studios i am new in this Forum and want to discuss about Software Development,Web Application,Programming etc...................... I just start with PHP its free sourcing platform which help for web application programming free of cost:-P so if anybody please want to share...
  11. G

    Digit 2008 Shock

    Today I shocked to by receiving Digit Jan 2009 Mag. 10 Days early, in past 6 years
  12. Sumeet_naik

    Digit Predictions 2009.

    As the thread says predict anything from tech, movies, music, digit or even about any member for 2009. My prediction - Earlier this year in Jan, Digit Mag started giving Dual layer DVD's, sometime before they began Fast Track and before that the DVDs.. So isn't it time they started giving...
  13. rhitwick

    *****I've an Idea***** :idea:

    Guys, I was seriously thinking of this for a long time. Actually not for a long time but since goobi ,iMav held the mumbai meet, this came to my mind. I was thinking what would we do after we meet, discuss about various technology(kisko kitna pata hai:D), OS wars( u know right!!)...
  14. Sathish

    Readers Digest...

    Hi... Please post your profession here.. this is my one of the old dream to know who are most forum users... this may also help to digit to maintain mag strength..
  15. skippednote

    The Digit UI vs Others

    It's been a long time since i was thinking of starting this thread. Let me mention i'm a true digit fanboy and no one can beat digit. How so ever three months back my uncle got me PC World instead of digit as stocks had finished. I opened the mag and found only one dvd but it was...
  16. H

    Info: Get the LFY mag of Jan 08

    Hi guys, Don't forget to but this month's LinuxForYou mag. They have given the evolution and architecture of OpenMoko platform very nicely along with the interview of Sean Moss-Pultz. They have compared it against Symbian/Windows Mobile and there are also articles on Android and Qtopia. People...
  17. H!..,lmao, none of the 'Five pack punch' dvds work...!! good job Dig-it.

    Bought the mag yesterday and none of the dvds work, yes not even 'one', tried in other computers and OS's, same thing, tested old month's dvd, works fine. Great going Digit, 200 bucks well spent!! Sure I can get a replacement but I'm in no mood for that, either you have to be the biggest...
  18. shady_inc

    Me in digit mag poll!!

    Check it have a guess at who I Am..:rolleyes:
  19. Gigacore

    I'm on Digit Mag!!

    Well guys n gals few might have thinked about my Custom User Title "TAKE a CRACK Winner!!" , rite? Today i thought of posting few things about my publications in Digit mag! How i won TAKE a CRACK? Indeed i was not aware of the TAKE a CRACK challenge that was asked in Digit's December 2006...
  20. L

    Rate the digit issues

    Hello Frnds everyone knows digit has been a good mag in it but from last year i think digit is focusing on money rather than satisfaction of their customers filling the mag with the crap flowing over the net only useful article according to me is "take a crack" there is a feed back topic...
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