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Digit's Poor courier service+pathetic help@thinkdigit


Right off the assembly line

Poor courier service

I have been a subscriber of digit for past 3 months and I never get magazine on time, last month's mag. arrived on 15th july, that to, when i called courier company atleast 4 times and asked them to deliver it, this month also it has been 9th august and i am still waiting, while the local mag. dealers have it since 28th july....if that's the kind of service digit offers?...then what's the point in subscribing...i think local mag. dealers are better, atleast you get mag. on time. I don't live in a village rather i live in an easily accessible place(Shalimar bagh, delhi-110088)...if you can't deliver in a place like delhi, then where the hell do you deliver on time?

Pathetic help@thinkdigit
while all these things were happening..i mailed help@thinkdigit several times and all i got was useless automated responses...and some of the responses were really funny, like-when i mailed help@thinkdigit last month for the delay in mag.'s delivery.. i got no response until 15th july and the very next day i got a mail that your magazine has been delivered on 3rd july and we'll provide you a proof of that soon...but i got no proof, bcoz there wasn't any proof(since mag. was delivered on 15th july) .

My info
Name :Vijay tyagi
Location:delhi(Shalimar bagh(pin-110088))
subscription code:v004828

1 change your courier service provider(speedman)
2 Cut down the salaries of people in help@thinkdigit
bcoz you are paying them for doing nothing.

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