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will a photocopy of the subscription form do?

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I faced the same prob. The damn favourite sci fi story article by Nimish was on the back of the subscription form. Digit needs to avoid this! :x


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Y dont u subscribe on net?? I mean on ThinkDigit site. I think they hav subscribtion option thr also(I'm st sure). Otherwise cut the paper from the mag. BTW I dont know y r u hesitating but in the current issue they hav provided different paper for subscription. Just cut(tear) out that part. U need not to cut out any mag paper.


Digit should publish the subscription form on a seperate page like many other magazines instead of publishing it in the middle of the magazine.............
Also the subscription page should be perforated like the Tips and Tricks Page


I think it will work.. what difference does will photocopy make. they just want your info. when I first subscribed digit 5 years back I used months old digit subscription form tored from a copy of Digit in my school library.

ya their is online form and option to pay online(wire transfer).. I did it few years back.
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