1. ramakanta

    Which [IM] Telegram Channels are you Joined ?

    I have joined :lol: * * * * * * *
  2. vedula.k95

    Want to extend my PC RAM to 8 GB

    Hello Forum, I built a PC last year in economy mode,and i installed 4 Gb Ram in it,UMAX,since then i am have been feeling like the ram is bottlenecking my overall performance,so here I drop my question list me some good rams of 8 GB,and what matters in gaming when compared to RAM. :lol: :lol:
  3. Subhankar Mondal

    Can non-HD be HD?

    Is there any software which can change a non-HD video file to HD ? :lol:
  4. R

    how to Switch off Wifi Auto scanning After it has been connected to 1 wifi network

    ok i have a router right next to my lappy and it connects with the wifi fine.. my ping is usually fine and doesn't fluctuates .. as soon as my wifi starts scanning for other networks like say 20 seconds later then the ping fluctuates again .. how to stop this automatic scanning after it has...
  5. R

    Phone required with whatsapp

    Budget - 2000 , max 3000 3 inch screen size Bar phone Any Brand will do Touch Screen or even touch n type will do :) Auto Focus with flash Android 3G, but 2G will be fine as well Basically want a phone with Whatsapp in it :) Budget is limited , don't want to spend more than 2000 but...
  6. ithehappy

    Lumia 930 or an Android again? So confused!!

    Lol, I am asking something about mobile phones, well :lol: Seriously, I can't stand my S4 any more. Main reason is weak vibration as I said in a different topic. Anyway meaningless to bring the S4 stuffs here. So I was set for the Lumia 930 totally, but yesterday I was seeing WP, and I am...
  7. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    LG L90 Dual D410 epic lol

    Update Links are not valid now I am interested in LG L90 and found that the dual's name is D410 When I googled only about the number without L90 i got an epic lol moment In 14th December 2013 a performance was leaked for D410 which all sites thought as LG G2 mini (same specs but different model...
  8. A

    I thought you were a hacker !

    I fell off the sofa laughing ! :-D :lol:
  9. ankush28

    Subway surfers : Mumbai is here

    Subway surfers now in Mumbai :lol:
  10. A

    New DSLR camera

    need a dslr camera budget 30k... and also what should i look when buying a new slr.... <plz dont say megapixel>:lol:
  11. Gollum

    When I got to open my Z820

    I do a bit of useless graphics crap in the office on a unnecessarily overpowered PC. Its called as HP Z820 Workstation Its supposed to have 2 CPU's but I got only one But lets not spoil the mood with my misery. After opening the Side panel All you see is NOTHING lol the thing in the...
  12. flyingcow

    Want to buy headphones for 3k

    Please suggest me headphones for nearly 3k Main purpose would be to listen to music and gaming, basically everything i do on a pc, i do it with headphones on. Therefore they must be comfortable too during prolonged use. Shouldfeel somewhat premium andlook good, shouldnt be like cheap iball...
  13. D

    Funny memorable comments heard in a theater.

    Sometimes its irritating sometimes its more enjoyable than the film(of course when the film is a dud!). It comes with the entertainment package and you cant neglect it.:D Yes i am talking about the funny one liners which some of the people inside the hall says during a certain scene.Here are...
  14. ankush28

    [Complaint] Neo dynamic computers WORST EXPIERIANCE

    Please dont go to dynamic computers they will confuse you and just try to get the most money that they can make Sorry for any typo or english mistake! On 26 june 2013 I went to Lamington to buy my new PC and got an worst experience about lamington road. First checked prices at primeabgb...
  15. ZTR

    Post your Android Homescreen!

    I cant believe that there isnt a thread like this as yet given the fact there are so many Android users in TDF lol Here is my homescreen for now... Dell XCD 35 running CM 10.1 :mrgreen:
  16. RohanM

    Nexus 4 Finally in India...

    * Sadiyo ka intazar khatm hua... Finally. :lol: Bought it finally. *
  17. darkther

    Best H77 motherboard under 7.5k

    I was just trying to build a good balanced config though I am not gonna buy (have nothing else to do lol), so I am looking for a good h77 motherboard under the price of 7.5k.
  18. lakeport


    intel is ripping us off
  19. H

    Google India celebrating the country's first passenger rail journey.

    * (lol)
  20. NoasArcAngel

    Who is the greatest troll on TDF

    thoughts please, show the thread and name the person ! let the troll war(S) begin :lol: :D :D :D :D
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