1. C

    Is ASUS P8B75-MLX a good board?

    I googled a lot, but can't find any faults or problems report. Do you guys know of any? I know I sound like an idiot but I do not want to face any problems.. so better safe than sorry....:lol: Is it a good match for i3 2120? Anyone have that board? Any cheaper (and better) alternative?
  2. R

    sudden and random FPS drop - 7870

    I own a new sapphire 7870 (bought just a month ago). I am experiencing sudden drop in fps while playing games, even while playing a low level game like LOL. This issue is gone as soon as I restart the machine and everything is normal thereafter. It is pretty random and so I am not able to find...
  3. ico

    attachment test

    tezsts the above lol is not a smiley, it's an attachment.
  4. cooldudie3

    Heroes of Newerth

    Hey, been a while since I've posted in this forum. I've recently started playing a RTS game called HoN. Anybody here who plays it? Also know about the war of HoN vs LoL. Which one do you like and why?
  5. XTerminator

    TDF Phone Owners' Thread

  6. d6bmg


    Went on to buy F&D A520, but bought Edifier C2. lol. Temp test setup: :|
  7. cray.x

    A good gaming monitor

    hello guys I'm planning to buy a good gaming monitor under a range of 7000, I'm not a heavy gamer, but i don't want any kind of lag while I'm gaming as I'm experiencing this in my Sansui 32" LCD. Basically i play FPS games a lot! its not that urgent as i can wait for some good suggestions...
  8. desiJATT

    My new Gaming PC :)

    So, after a long wait, finishing up with my 12th pre boards, boards, AIEEE, now finally, I bought my PC components :D Here's the configuration, finalised with the generous help of TDF members and moderators :D AMD Phenom X4 960T - 6957 Gigabyte GA970A-UD3 - 7000 Corsair XMS3 4GB - 1700...
  9. ico

    Intel tries to fool people at CES and gets caught :D

    Intel tries to fool people at CES and gets caught. CES 2012: Intel demos DX11 on Ivy Bridge based Ultrabook - YouTube :mrgreen: Otcge1cn8Os :lol: The embarassing thing is, that guy still pretends to be playing. And not to mention the fact that video froze too. Meanwhile at AMD...
  10. M

    Please suggest the best monitor for 10k....

    Guys,i m really a noob when it comes to monitor.I know nothing about it and internet researches dont help because there are no comparison tests or benchmarks for monitor. So experienced digitians please help me buying a monitor for 10K which i will be using for games and movies. It can be LCD...
  11. Neo

    just wondering.....

    i was just wondering why there are no girls in here? Lol.
  12. P

    Desire HD

    Hello everyone! I just bought a second hand DHD and have a super n00b question Please tell me how to reset the phone to its original factory state. I mean i should reset it in such a way that when i turn it on it should be like it was purchased brand new and take me through the entire basic...
  13. TheMost

    POll - What is your antivirus ?

    Guys , I searched thr forum for this kind'a pole but it was too old .. So started a new one ... Post yours here ... Comments are welcome ! :lol: And also add why you prefer that one and justify ..
  14. Tejas.Gupta

    Michael Jordan VS Bill Gates | Lol !

    :rofl: Check this Out ! :D
  15. N

    Will selling all my gadgets be worth a laptop

    Heres what i have A PSP 1001 With 3 Game UMDs and 2 Movie UMDs An Apple ipod touch 4g 8gb A sony walkman B series LG POP GD510 (I know thats not a big list but still :lol:) Do you think selling all these will get me a lappie if yes which one should i opt for :grin:
  16. ico

    Indian eCommerce Woes

    Many retarded websites which force you to use Internet Explorer 5.5 and above and then will not work with Internet Explorer 8. :lol: Microsoft arseholes DESERVE full blame for holding the web growth. When was IE7 released anyways? after 6 years of releasing IE6? ohh and those websites using...
  17. ico

    Happy Birthday Who, Rockstar11, shantanu and others!!!!!!

    :lol: :lol: @ Who...He turns 20. Rocky ko bhi janamdin ki badhayi. and same for Shantanu.
  18. Gollum

    "lol post" of the day

    I found this one from bazar section today. lol
  19. Faun

    Google Hot Trends Update (India)

    hiroshima and nagasaki - Google Search Hiroshima got nuked today and Nagasaki on 9th corporal punishment in schools - Google Search "Medieval schoolboy birched on the bare buttocks" pic made me lol. Read Japanese and Korean part
  20. Nirajan Regmi

    I don't like GTA series

    I don't know why but I never liked GTA Series. Wondering whether there are anyone like me who dont like GTA series lol. Peace.
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