Best H77 motherboard under 7.5k


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I was just trying to build a good balanced config though I am not gonna buy (have nothing else to do lol), so I am looking for a good h77 motherboard under the price of 7.5k.


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If Op is looking for a balanced config then a B75 should do the job or else he can go for Intel DZ77SL-50K @ ~7.5k.


better buy ASROCK Z77 PRO 3 :

it has some good overclocking options and it will come in ur budget so why buy h77 when u will get z77 on that:
and even if u r not buying k series procy still buy this board as u will be little futureproof.

ASRock Z77 Pro 3 Motherboard - ASRock:


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IMO you should go for Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H. Costs ~4k and for remaining 3.5k you can get a better cabinet and a CPU cooler even.

For ~7.5k budget go for the Z77 board suggested above. H77s dont seem to be a good option for anything for than 6k.
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