1. C

    IEM under 1K

    I have been looking for some guidance regarding getting IEM under 1K but have only come across near unanimous yes for brainwavz M2 and M1 which seem out of reach. I am no audiophile and am only looking for an entry level IEM which sounds good as I am fed up of cheap bundled earphones which I...
  2. banskt

    Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop (C2D T5250 @1.5GHz, 1GB RAM, NVIDIA 8400M, 80GB HDD)

    Dell Inspiron 1420 - Service tag: 7RQMQ1S - Core 2 Duo T5250 @ 1.5 GHz - NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS with 128MB GDDR3 dedicated graphic memory - 2 x 512MB DDR RAM 667 MHz Accesories: - Genuine Windows Vista(TM) Home Premium 32 bit (English) DVD Media - 1 x Original Dell Laptop Charger - 1 x...
  3. Cilus

    AMD Refreshing the Middle Level...Here is 6770 and 6750

    Well, after refreshing their upper level segment with the 6000 series, AMD is now refreshing the whole middle level segment with the BART. Here comes HD 6770 and HD 6750. Check the details over here in AnandTech. Both HD 6770 and and the HD 6750 are having the exact same specs of HD 5770...
  4. 1

    BlueScreen Error

    Hey everyone. Sometimes when i run some games my computer restarts. For example my comp runs PES 6 with full graphics without any prob. But when i run Fifa 06/ Fifa 05 my comp restarts whenever i start the game. It is the same with NFS carbon and MW. They work with Details level 3(smoothly)...
  5. W

    Difficulty level of ISAT, Manipal etc

    Is the difficulty level of ISAT , MANIPAL , SRM , same as AIEEE Please reply soon and with a valid reason
  6. Anand_Tux

    Best institute for LPIC exam

    Hi, I am planning to take the LPIC level 1 exam which is offered by Linux Professional Institute. this is a very basic level Linux certification. Can anyone tell me about the Institutions that provide this exam & also teaches it, preferably in Delhi as I am from Delhi.
  7. redhat

    Want to learn asm.

    I am interested in assembly level coding. I dont have much idea about it though. As part of my course, I have studies microprocessor programming on the 8085 microprocessor. I now want to learn to program on a higher level of machines, so I can then develop my skill set into writing a...
  8. ankushkool

    Need help buying All in one PC

    I am planning to buy a all in one PC mostly for home entertainment and casual gaming, please can anyone suggest what all options do i have (From entry level ones to high end) Not fixed on a budget yet! Thanks :) PS: am in love with Apple iMac but its expensive :\
  9. TheLetterD

    Need a suggestion for entry level graphic card!

    Hey guys! Ive been out of touch with digit for 1 whole year cuz now Im in 10th *sigh* I have no idea what new grapfic cards were launched after the 200 series from NVidea or ATI So .. THE Q>; I need an entry level graphic card using which I can play old games such as Call Of Duty 4...
  10. P

    3 Column AJAX based web page manager tutorial

    This is a recent tutorial for a 3 panel / 3 column AJAX based page manager that can be used for any cms (content management system). This tutorial requires a moderate working knowledge of AJAX and any scripting language and database technology. You can use any scripting technology or...
  11. Ethan_Hunt

    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    As the title states, post the list of titles which are piled up to be completed and if possible, report their progress or the status. This does not include the upcoming/unreleased titles that you will end up playing in the near future, but only those games which you posses and are yet to be...
  12. stonecaper

    [Please Suggest]What more To Do?

    Hi all I Am a English honors Graduate.I Then Passed my A Level and Lately have finished My SCJP Too. Please Comment on What Should i do next To get a Decent IT Job ASAP I am 25 years old I Read Somewhere In the threads that CTS Takes B level Students Does it consider A levels too...
  13. S

    Gaming Laptop required urgently!

    Hi everyone! First off,m composin this from my mobile hence pardon the lack of spacing.. Budget-50k & below. Specs- i5 processor,4 gb ram,500 gb hdd, 1 gb graphics card memory,15.6" screen. Models shortlisted- acer 5470g,acer 5475g & acer 4820tg. No dell as it has only ati 5470 which is...
  14. I

    Chip Level Courses

    Hello to all :wave: My cousin completed his 10+2 education & is eager in pursuing Chip Level courses. He is keen on learning & subsequently refining himself in the field where he gets to work with every Hardware component :smile: He asked me to find out a suitable programme with a desired...
  15. hjpotter92

    Spider Man 3

    I got Spider Man 3 now. But, I am stuck at Lizard level one. I am able to move around the city easily, but in this particular level, when i reach the lizard, the lizard runsaway. I am atcomplete loss to know, how to not let this happen.
  16. A

    Best laptop for 50~60k for Mid Level gaming

    Hey Like the title says, i'm planning to buy a laptop as i'm going to college, i'm a hardcore gamer but due to heavy load of LAW college i won't be able to play much so i'd be sticking to mid level gaming. I need a laptop with price around 50~60k which has a decent battery ife and looks...
  17. warfreak

    Demon's Souls

    Anyone played it? Its for the PS3. Heard that it's like the toughest game on the PS3 ever. You can get killed 8-10 times in the tutorial level alone!!
  18. K

    COD6:MW2 Airport level was inspired from Mumbai terror attack

    Hello people, I was surfing around net and suddenly saw the interview of the scriptwriter of Modern warfare 2 . Scriptwriter mentioned about the terrorist attack of Mumbai and how he wanted the people to realise how horrific event could have been. Here is the link to the interview...
  19. stonecaper

    Best Entry level DSLR???

    Planning to buy an Entry level DSLR.The Cheapest and the best.Price and Performance Have 50% Waightage Respectively...Any recomendations Please???
  20. sam9s

    FEAR 2 : Reborn

    Being a HUGE HUGE fan of FEAR Franchise and having played all FEAR installments, was eagerly waiting for Reborn, and here is my tiny miny update. FEAR 2 Reborn by far has the toughest gameplay till now in the entire FEAR Franchise and if you ask me I'd definitely say this is the best pro...
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