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Hello to all :wave:

My cousin completed his 10+2 education & is eager in pursuing Chip Level courses. He is keen on learning & subsequently refining himself in the field where he gets to work with every Hardware component :smile:

He asked me to find out a suitable programme with a desired institute catering to his aspirations. His main criteria is to garner knowledge & practical exposure in troubleshooting & repairing hardware components. He wants to be able to work with the following :

1] Motherboards [desktops & laptops]


3] UPS

4] Monitors [CRT, TFT, LCD etc..]

5] Printers & Scanners [MFDs]

6] Laptops [notebooks, netbooks etc..]

7] other miscellaneous computer hardware equipment/peripherals

i did a search on the web & found this -

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perhaps i am not the best person to hand out any sort of advise but my cousin & i are very close to each other. it will make me immensely happy & proud the moment he pursues his ambitions.

He wants to join an institute either in Mumbai or Bangalore.

i eagerly await your apt responses coupled with your advise & guidance my friends.
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It has been almost a month since i posted this thread but no response till date? :sad:


are my queries foolish/naive? :cry:

i spend long hours in utter confusion, i look up to you my friends for your genuine expertise.

Please do help me out if it is possible.


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Start with Jetking or IIHT

A+ course.

Thank you PraKs but my cousin is eager to pursue chip level training. He desires to be able to repair motherboards, power supplies, monitors, printers, ups, graphics cards, laptops & other miscellaneous hardware peripherals/components.

He has been going through a torrid time at home. Once he starts off, he will be at peace.


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You're in luck (maybe) cause I'm looking for the same kind of course, difference being I'm looking for it in Hyderabad(I wonder how many people here are from Hyd).

I realize this is an old thread, but does anyone have any suggestions? Money is not an issue(30k budget though) as long as they provide me the facilities and I learn from them.

I do know the basics but then again it depends on what you guys term as "basics". :D
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