1. nix

    how to know battery level in UPS

    i have a wiproeperiperal emerge UPS. is there any software which shows the power level in a UPS?
  2. I

    Star Wars Republic Commando.

    How many of you are/have playing this ? I am. And its an amazing game. Team based shooter thats what this is. Insane amount of enemies, gorgeous graphics and shoot shoot shoot gameplay. Would you believe it I havent even crossed the second level yet! Enemies galore they just keep coming at u...
  3. D

    The basics of a firewall

    This is not a indepth article about firewalls but simple basic stuff.I've concentrated on windows based environment apart from the general case.In my next article I'll try my hand with GNU/Linux as the base OS after I have a handson experience with it.Raves & rants are welcome.:bowtie: What...
  4. Z

    low level formatting

    can any one tell me how to do low level formating
  5. A

    Boulder 2 Mobile Game

    Hiya, I got Myself a New Nokia 3200 and have this Really Nice Game called Boulder 2 developed by "Plutonium Software".It is a very bright game and is very very addictive.I have been able to complete it upto Level 13 but am unable to complete the level 14 inspite of umpteen attempts. I have...
  6. teknoPhobia

    GeForce 6200

    What do you ppl think abt the latest entry level offering in the graphics card market?
  7. Thor

    Beware! Lest The "SNAKE2" Bites u!!

    Many of us here have cell phones. And Many of them r mad abt mobile games. My favourite is Snake 2!. NOW COMES THE BEST PART ! :) I beleive I'm the highest scorer in Snake2 . My Score [The Top Score HE HE HE] is : 3 3 3 4 !!!!!!! Now tell me...
  8. K

    Doom 3 error with fx5200

    a frnd was playing doom3 demo on his amd 2000+ 256mb with fx5200 card in low settings and turned off eye candy stuff . i was able to play the first level , but when he enters the next level the game just comes back to the main menu . i checked his card and dx , everything is fine and game runs...
  9. infra_red_dude

    cheats for max payne2

    hey junta... is there ne cheat for level skipping in max payne2??
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