1. A

    Choosing a digital camera ?

    Hi Friends Recently I went to a sony showroom, and cheked out some digicams. I'm really confused which one to buy among the three 1. Sony Cybershot DSC 690, G Lens, 10x zoom, price:9k 2. Sony Cybershot w730, Carl Zeiss Lens, 8x zoom, price:8k 3. Sony Cybershot h100, Sony Lens, 21x zoom...
  2. Shibaprasad

    Canon 18-55 kit lens question

    I am new in Photography. I just purchased Canon 600D with 18-55mm kit lens. I have some problem with my kit lens 1. In daylight macro shots aren't sharp.[settings - aperture 5.6 priority mode] 2. On 45-55mm kit lens performing very bad with indoor photos and videos where light source is cfl...
  3. anirbandd

    Tamron/Sigma Lens Dealer in Mumbai

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a 70-300 Canon Mount lens.. I looked around in Kolkata, but none of the dealers seem to have stock of either of Sigma/Tamron, and were not sure about when they'll arrive. My parents are visiting Mumbai the next week... I know there are some good shops for dSLR...
  4. J

    Need advice to buy Nikon D5100

    Hi, this is my first post on TDF. I want to buy Nikon D5100. I am getting a second-hand deal at Rs 30K in which I am getting 18-105mm lens. Should I go for this deal or should I get a new one with kit lens? Thanks in advance, Jay :confused:
  5. Cool Buddy

    How to clean Point and Shoot Camera Lens

    I have a Canon IXUS 115 HS point & shoot camera. It seems I or someone else accidentally touched the camera lens and there's a finger print and some dust on it which is spoiling my photos. How can I clean the lens? Is there a simple home remedy available? I saw some lens cleaners on flipkart...
  6. M

    [For Sale] WTS : Canon 18-55 IS II lens with 1 year warrenty left

    For sale : Canon 18 -55 IS II lens Time of purchase : 29 Dec 2011 Remaining Warranty : Till Dec 2013. Expected price : Rs 6000 + shipping Location :Bangalore Payment option : cash or bank transfer Reason for sale : upgrade to tamron 17 50 Please PM me if interested
  7. blackpearl

    18-55mm + 55-300mm OR 18-200/300mm?

    I just got my first DSLR Nikon d5100, and was looking at a few possible future purchases. I like the idea of a single all-in-one lens but I'm worried about the image quality. Technically, two dedicated short zoom lens (18-55mm + 55-300mm) will offer better quality than a single 18-300mm...
  8. Faun

    What's the difference between these prime lenses ?

    I am planning to buy one of the prime for portrait photography as I realized that the default 80-105mm is not that good for portrait, esp in dim light conditions. I know because i had to struggle to get the best out of it as the sun set down. I have Nikon D7000 to pair with these. So here...
  9. S

    plz help me choose between canon 550D (with 18-135 IS) and nikon D7000

    hi, after a lot of hands-on reviews, i have short-listed canon 550D (with 18-135 IS lens) and nikon D7000 (with 18-105 lens). could u ppl suggest which one would be a better option? currently i am biased towards the 550D as the picture quality of the D7000 didn't exactly blow me away. if...
  10. audiophilic

    What matters most - Camera Body or the Lens? What do you thnink??

    Hey, You know what guys? I was just wondering. I bought the 550D and thought that the more expensive models from canon would provide for a better picture quality as they have better sensor. Does it matter? Can we get a very good quality pictures with high end lens no matter what the body is...
  11. audiophilic

    Canon 550d and best lens to shoot in low light

    Hey guys, Just had a question. I recently bought my Canon 550D and was wondering which lens will be most suitable to shoot in low light? I have a budget of around 20-30k I mostly like shooting landscapes and sometimes macro. Please help!
  12. jkultimate

    Camera dropped :( Can anyone tell what damage has it done?

    Bad time :( :( My Canon PS A3200 IS camera dropped by me. :( Slipped. The top cover of lens gone. After it when I try to take a picture, its all violet color. All other are fine. Screen is okay. It actually takes the picture. But all in violet color. Can anyone one tell, me? Is changing of...
  13. sujoyp

    Photography Gear Thread

    Guys I found that we dont have any thread dedicated to the gears we own...I would like you guys to take a nice snap of ur gears and post here... Also add what currently you are dreaming of acquiring/or saving to get (no pics of this please) And please post pictures of size around 640x480 :-)...
  14. P

    I lost Camera lense cap Where can i get one(panasonic FZ 150)?

    I know it sounds stupid but i lost my lens camera cap. Any good place where i can get it? I have Panasonic FZ 150. Is lens cap universal or i need to get Panasonic only. I searched the net and i got one for 12 $ i mean its so expensive considering courier charges. 12$ for a plastic thing...
  15. Soumik

    New Micro 4/3 lens suggestion

    Hi All, I have a Olympus Pen Mini (EPM 1), and i also have 2 lens' for it. The 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 lens and the 40-150mm f4-5.6. I want to get a prime lens which will give me better color, better bouquet, and should be considerably faster than my kit lenses. In my camera, ISO more than 800...
  16. marvelousprashant

    DEAL : Canon 550D with 18-55mm lens and Warranty for INR 28000

    Not that I am buying. But for anyone who is interested. LINK Canon EOS 550D Digital Camera with 18-55mm lens 2 Years Canon India Warranty | eBay Seller reputation is pretty good too
  17. K

    Canon SX150IS help

    Hi everyone just got a new canon SX150IS and am very keen to explore it I have a few queries please help me 1-It houses AA alkaline batteries which get discharged at just around 90-100 shots so I wanted to know whether closing and opening the lens multiple times hogs a lot of battery and also...
  18. Niilesh

    Dslr @35-50k

    My sis want to buy a DSLR. need a semi prof. one, just for beginner's ! where can i get a fair and best deal (range 35 k-50k !). Also, tell me should go for Canon or Nikon? people told me about NikonD3100 , Canon600D, Canon1100D also a good lens with the camera, least- 18-105mm. I NEED IT...
  19. R

    Canon or Tamron Lense

    Hi Guys & experts... I need some help here to decide on which one should i be look forward to purchase. Currently have a canon 550D with 18-55 lense. NEW CANON EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM Lens OR NEW TAMRON AF 70-300MM F/4-5.6 Di LD MACRO 1:2 LENS
  20. vickybat

    DSLR Technical Guide

    Seriously, I’m no enthusiast photographer and in reality, a complete noob to the world of photography. Although I own a typical digital point and shoot camera, it’s used as a general purpose clicker with no insight into actual photography. This all changed recently when my elder cousin bought a...
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