1. mario_pant

    Some discs noty recognised...

    hi i have a Liteon DVD-RW SOHW-1693S since 6 months... it can write DVDs, CDs... but cannot read em. it does not show any title in windows explorer either... and when i double click on the icon... i get a blank disc... but i CAN see the data through ISObuster... now i thaught it to be a...
  2. K

    SE W810i Walkman - Your Views

    Hi all, I've been thinking about getting the W810i for a while now. It's about QAR 1650 (Approx INR 20,000) with 512 MB memory and excellent stereo (ear canal type) headset. *mobileburn.com/review.jsp?Id=2310&source=SEARCH The exposed camera lens is a negative factor IMHO. The...
  3. speedyguy

    DVD rom cleaning

    i have a benq dvd-rom wit 16x....my prob is that it wud never auto-run on its own...i hv to start explorer then highlight its drive then suddenly auto-run menu pops up....i guess it needs servicing...may be lens got dusty...coz even it runs quite slower...slower than other cd-rw...i tried using...
  4. A

    DVD Writer Lens Cleaner

    Hey guys i have been having some odd problems with my Sony DVD Writer DRU-A710(which i bought a year ago).I think its the lens which is giving problems.I was thinkin to clean it using a DVD-Cleaner DVD.Will that work for a Writer? If not suggest me some good ideas?? Thanks
  5. gdatuk

    cd R and RW problem

    i have a liteon CD- R and a Benq CD-RW over period of time..both these are becoming useless they are not reading(let alone writing) and CDs what do u think is the problem? do they need lens cleaning? or lens problem? shall i ditch them both and get a sony combo drive?
  6. R


    My SONY COMBO DRIVE has stopped to read DVD's. But it is still reading and writing CD's. When I took it to some local service center he replaced the lens but still it didn't worked. Now I want to take it to SONY service center. But he told they will charge around Rs.1000 for replacing lens but a...
  7. aditya1987

    Few problems in my CD-Writer!!!!!!

    HI guys! I have few problems in my cd writers. Please help me solve these problems. Following are the problems:- 1. The drive takes 3-5 times to read the cd. I have tried cleaning the lens with lens cleaner cd,but all in vain. 2. When the cd writing process is going on (In Nero 6.6), the...
  8. bharat_r

    How do I clean a CD

    I've got CDs which are dirty.It looks like there's a layer of muddy dust to it. But they are not scratched. What should I do u clean them & make the surface shine again. I searched google & it shows links to CD cleaning solutions. I've visited many shops,they have only Cds to clean the...
  9. C

    Problem with Samsung CD ROM drive,,HELP !!!

    hi,, i need help!!. I have a Samsung 52X max CD -ROM Drive,Model (sc-152CE).Recentley it developed a problem,it cannot read fastly written CD-ROMs ,,it can now read only CDs written in 4x and 8x,any CD written in speed greater than this does not work.I have also tried cleaning the CD lens using...
  10. K

    DVD Problem-Cant Read DVD's

    Hello friends, I am having samsung dvdrom. I am unable to view the digit dvds, where as i am able to play vcds. Is there any software or tool to check the lens or status of dvd. I have No of region changes pending is 1. How to rectify the problem Please help me karthik
  11. club_pranay

    Sony CDx3300s front loader mp3

    i have SONY CDx3300s acd/mp3/fm/am front loading car player it takes atlease 10 seconds to read cds(non multisessional) i think the lens is dirty. how do i clean the lense?? is it ok to use the same lens cleaner which i use for my CDrw???
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