1. axelzdly1

    Should I buy a 55-200mm VR ? Suggestions are welcome

    Hello guys, playing with the 18-55mm kit lens for a long time has given me a bore, trying to pull more interest into photography by buying a new lens..as my budget is quite low 15k, 55-200mm is one of the option. but my doubt is, is it reliable for everyday use OR is only for gathering dust and...
  2. ayush_chh

    Telephoto Zoom Lens Suggestions!

    Guys, I am planning to buy a Telephoto Zoom Lens. Very tight on Budget hence narrowed down to below two.. 1) Tamron AF 70-300 mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro Lens (Model-A17) 2) Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED I will be using this for Candid, Portrait and Landscapes mostly.I wanted to go...
  3. A

    [Want to Buy] Canon EOS 1100D with 18-55mm lens.

    I want to buy : Canon EOS 1100D with 18-55mm lens. Not more than 2 years used. I am from mumbai. Regards, AH
  4. ajayashish

    Canon 70D or Nikon D7100

    Hi, I would like to have your opinion and reason in choosing between Canon 70D and Nikon D7100. I am doing hobby photography for last 3-4 yrs and now want to change my camera and have sold my old canon 1000D along with all the lens so that I can start fresh. I have a inclination towards...
  5. marvelousprashant

    New DSLR: D3300 vs D5200

    Hi guys, posting after a long time. Old members sujoy and nac might remember me. I am planning to buy a DSLR next month. I am looking to get the Nikon D5200 or the D3300 (open to suggestions for other brands too) Budget is 30-35K with kit lens. I have a few specific questions: 1. In a number...
  6. Dr. House

    Buying a Nikon AF-S Lens for D5100

    Hello! I'm looking to buy a Nikon AF-S Lens under 8.5k from flipkart. I would like to do street and fashion photography from that lens. For this I'm confused between 35 mm f/1.8G Lens and 50 mm f/1.8G Lens. Please help me to sort out one. Thanks
  7. S

    Buying a DSLR

    Hi, I am a complete amateur in photography and have never owned a DSLR or an advanced P&S. The last camera I owned was a Sony Cybershot DSC W-350. My brother owns a DSLR and he takes some really fascinating pictures. I like photography but never took it up as I needed a good camera first. I...
  8. ajayashish

    SELL: Canon 1000D with Kit 18-55mm lens + 50-250mm IS + 50mm IS f1.8 + lot of filters

    Hi, I want to sell my DSLR along with all the lens. The camera was used by me only and in excellent condition with no scratches on the LCD or anywhere in the body. I love taking photograph and hence love the device which helps me with that so it was never mishandled. The battery is excellent...
  9. O

    upgrading from stock 18-55 mm lens....

    ihave canon d1000 slr with the stock lens ie 18-55mm..... i was thinking of buying a new lens.... preferably telephoto zoom type...... i am thinking about two in particular Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Lens - Canon: Flipkart.com Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lens - Canon...
  10. D

    Canon dslr

    Hello My dad is thinking of buying a DSLR. At first he was going with eos 600d with 18-55 mm And 55-250 mm but someone said a 18-135 mm lens is much better as you don't have to change the lens again and again and it's quite cumbersome to carry a lens. So now the choice is between 600d, 60d...
  11. game-freak

    how much to sell it for ?????

    hi i want to sell my current kit which was bought in april 2013 1. nikon d5100 with 18-55mm kit lens 2. Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm F/1.8G Lens 3. Nikon AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED 4. Digipower Nikon D3100/D5100 Battery Grip (PGR-NKD31) 5. Nikon EN-EL14 Rechargeable Li-ion...
  12. jaimin100

    confused in canon and nikon

    hello friends i need entry level DSLR so afer some searching i found this (1)NIKON D3200+18-55mmlens VR (2)NIKON D5100+18-55mmlens VR (3)CANON 1100D+with Double Lens Kit (EF-S 18-55mm IS II + EF-S 55-250mm IS II) which is good bcz they have less cost difference? and sholud...
  13. randomuser111

    Sony announces Xperia Z1

    Sony announced it's new flagship Xperia Z1 - combining the latest Bravia TV technologies and Sony's digital imaging expertise in a stylish waterproof premium smartphone. 5.0" Triluminos display with X-Reality Snapdragon 800 2.2 ghz 16 GB Internal, microSD slot (SDXC supported) 20.7 MP Exmor RS...
  14. desiibond

    My first camera and it hates mirrors

    Canon EOS M with 18-55mm kit lens and speedlite ex90 external flash. 419$ at bhphotovideo.
  15. desiibond

    I can haz photo blog

    Canon EOS M with 18-55mm kit lens and speedlite ex90 external flash. 419$ at bhphotovideo.
  16. root.king


    Now this is innovation, folks. Sony's reportedly gearing up to announce a pair of "lens cameras" that attach to your existing smartphone or tablet. The unique devices are said to feature a sensor, processor, zoom lens, WiFi connectivity and an SD card slot, but no display or other typical...
  17. S

    what other Accessories should i buy for My Nikon D5100

    Hi Everyone here, Got Nikon D5100 this week, now i want to know what other Accessories should i buy other than tripod and Lens to protect my D5100. Like whether i go for this And what about this one Is this of any use?? Thanks:razz:
  18. N

    How to clean point and shoot camera?

    I have a 1.5 year old canon ixus 115hs. Recently i used it much roughly, for macro shots, and now it has got some fingerprint, and some minute dust on it. I fear even touching the lens, so never tried to clean it. I asked the canon service guys, they tell me it will take 15 days, but i need it...
  19. shreymittal

    Nokia Launches Aluminum body Lumia 925 in London, € 469, Available June

    Nokia has launched the new Lumia 925 in London at a press conference today. While all Lumia phones till date have been plastic the new Lumia 925 has a completely Aluminum Frame. While most of the specs remain same and the phone has the same dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 1GB RAM...
  20. A

    best DSLR @ 25k max

    Hi, I'm a newbee photographer and I have so far used only point and shoot cameras... I now want to get myself a DSLR. max budget ~25000 lower the better. Main purpose of the cam will be : 1) Indoor use such as shooting in birthday parties/ family get to geathers 2) outdoor shoots...
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