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  1. A

    new cordless phone

    hi peeps please suggest me some good cordless landline instruments below 3k. thanks
  2. shreeux

    Best Cord and Cordless landline phones?

    I am using Corded phone...now not hear voice clearly...I need to replace...a.s.a.p., Any one suggest best Best Cord and Cordless landline phones...which is better to use...Pls some suggestions to buy
  3. rickenjus

    Want to get a new BSNL broadband connection, but knows NOTHING !!!

    Sorry guys I didn't post on general query thread because I have lots of queries, none of my friend ever had broadband connection neither me, so some ultra noob queries here. :-D Please help me with the following - 1. Do I have to take a landline connection first or I should just fill...
  4. V

    modem router

    i'm taking bsnl landline broadband internet connection for which i need a modem,there is only 1 desktop pc which will be connected via ethernet port (wired connection).i dont need wireless & all.i'll not even use that landline connection for phone calling etc.will use it just for internet...
  5. Allu Azad

    BSNL loses over 12 lakh landline subscribers in June

  6. G

    Landline phone

    I'm going to get a BSNL landline connection + broadband connection. i've opted for 950 Rs unlimited pack and 300 calls are free for that so i didn't want to waste it and wanted to have a landline. What are the basic features necessary so that the phone is compatible with my bsnl connection. My...
  7. M

    Incoming call blocking device for BSNL Landline

    I am aware of commercially available call blockers for landline telephones in the US and UK, but can someone point me to something similar for BSNL landlines? Haven't had any luck searching online! Anyone using something similar? Are there land line models available that have inbuilt call blocker?
  8. RON28

    which broadband for mutiplayer or online gaming?

    hello geeks :D so here is my problem my friend has a reliance broadband which doesn't have a landline phone :-? what is it called? what type of broadband is it? is it a ethernet broadband? :P i need a 512 kBps broadband connection for online gaming, but i don't want landline phone with it...
  9. Ronnie11

    Landline phone for 1000

    Hey guys,i am looking to buy a landline phone(not the cordless) with a caller id...i saw few models of GE,BEETEL & Alcatel....which one is better...also i don't want a made in china phone either...could u guys help me out...which brand to go for?? mods i didn't know where to post this...
  10. Krow

    Internet connection in Delhi

    Me and my two roomies are going to be sharing one connection, so which ISP will be the best? We will need a 1 Mbps unlimited connection, may download heavily. We want a wired connection. Airtel, Reliance and MTNL were the obvious options. Is there any other good option that I may not have...
  11. Faun

    Landline problem

    It's strange that my landline is dead but when I dial my landline number then it gets connected to someone else's home. And when I asked their number then the number was different. What is happening here ?
  12. V

    Gift a new Sim to your friend(or your girl)-BSNL new Plan!

    BSNL this festival season has introduced a new prepaid plan titled as 'Pyari Jodi' or ' En Nanban'(in Tamil) a scheme where unlimited calls can be made from your mobile to your Landline. You can also chose two BSNL number for Friends and Family scheme (one number must be landline) where charges...
  13. prabhu.wali

    isp change

    m currently usin bsnl 500c++ n it totally sucks m thinking o for opting airtel impatience 899,does it include landline rentals n if any other applicable charges, n wot is the avg download speed??
  14. M

    How to use BSNL broadband landline modem when there is power off..?

    Hi friends.. I am planning to purchase laptop due to 7-8 hours of load shedding in my city. I will use laptop in office and will require inter net continuously.. I have BSNL landline modem presently.It requires 12V DC power supply. In case of power failure how can i use net...
  15. Faun

    Consumer forum or not ?

    I provided an application of shifting my BSNL landline + broadband to new location. The connection was disconnected from old location in MAY 2009. But here in new location the Telephone exchange BABUS are saying that lines are cut so they cannot give me landline connection. For over 4 MONTHS...
  16. panacea_amc


    hello all, i finally managed to get a landline connection for my datone internet dial up. recently, i heard there were thefts regarding the use of private landline nos. by pcos...so, is there any way by which i can lock my landline conn and simultaneosly use it for internet dial up...
  17. panacea_amc

    dataone Home 500 querry

    aftr much searching, i decided to go 4 home 500 dataone.but i ve sum more questns- 1. i dnt ve a landline.i want to set up da landline only 4 net,nt 4 any cals.wat shud i do n wat extra cost does IT bear? 2. wat wud da cal charge be on the fone when the net is connectd?wats da phone rental...
  18. Sridhar_Rao

    Wireless internet

    Hello guys, I have a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop and use BSNL broadband internet. I already have three mobile and do not need landline, I am keeping landline just for the sake of internet. I have heard about wireless internet by airtel, reliance and tata but not from BSNL. Is there any such offer...
  19. faraaz

    Broadband connection in Switzerland

    I'm being offered a 10000 Kbps connection for around 65 swiss francs a month (2275 rupees/month) with unlimited upload/download. If I take it, I also get a VoIP landline with free internet calling facility... What do you guys think?? Worthwhile?? Here's link...
  20. Sridhar_Rao

    making a phone call from pc

    Hello, I am using internet via broadband using the BSNL modem. I want to know how can I make a call from my landline using the computer. I mean, the call shuould be made from my computer using speaker & headphone but must be billed to my landline phone bill. Is this possible? I am not talking...
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