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I provided an application of shifting my BSNL landline + broadband to new location. The connection was disconnected from old location in MAY 2009.

But here in new location the Telephone exchange BABUS are saying that lines are cut so they cannot give me landline connection. For over 4 MONTHS they are saying the same thing. I am still WITHOUT CONNECTION.

Today I came to know about that there is BSNL landline connection in a home some 100 meters away from my new location. So basically it proves that these Telephone exchange BABUS are lying *******s and too lazy to work.

What can I do to teach them a lesson ? Is consumer forum the way ? If so then how ?

Thanks for reading this. Again thanks if you have some suggestions.


Go to the BSNL office and get in touch with higher ranked officials first. If they refuse to cooperate, go to some local newspaper office or write in to one prominent newspaper and ask them to do a story on this. If nothing works, go to Consumer Courts. You can try and locate the Jaago Grahak Jaago website too. If all fails, then you may always write in to DIGIT and hope that they publish you. :)


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Make sure there is cable pair available for you. Once you are very sure about it, contact the higher officials in BSNL. Most of the higher officials are very helpful - at least from my experience.


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Forward your complaints to servicewatch [at] thinkdigit [dot] com and we'll follow it up with the relevant companies.
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