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  1. Ron

    College Lan

    In my college, all the rooms are connected by lan Cabel. I m provided with a proxy address to browse sites..Moreover there is DC++ installed to share files in the network Everythin like social networking sites, torrent, messnagers are blocked ... I want tutorials on networkin hacking..So i...
  2. S

    Share internet connection between 3 computers

    Our college provides Internet connection through Ethernet LAN cables. Now I have only one LAN port working, and would like share this Internet connection with my room mates through wi-fi (preferably). Also the LAN works on some specific proxy setting. But I don't know whether I have to provide...
  3. V

    Lan light going on and off !!!

    Watch the problem on youtube My lan connection keeps going on and off with mtnl router .. When router is connected to my laptop .. Internet works flawlessly ... All this happened after I installed ubuntu 10.10 ... There the lan was not working so I did some mischief in the...
  4. mitraark

    Change IP Address in College LAN

    In our college, all rooms have been connected by LAN Cable . RJ45 ports are there , we plugin , have to set a proxy to browse. I think its all managed by some Squid Proxy something :| Also , we can use a software called DC++ , all users connected on LAN can share there files via this software [...
  5. R

    Is ASUS M4A78LT-M LE integrated PCIe Gigabit LAN card supported in RHEL?

    i am planning to buy a ASUS M4A78LT-M LE motherboard. it has a PCIe Gigabit LAN card. so does anybody have any idea will the network card it support rhel 5.4 ??? Rituraj Goswami thanks a lot in advance
  6. A

    3g datacard sharing over lan's

    i want to share an 3g data card over lan. My plan is to share a data card to multiple users over lan,is there an way of sharing a connection without using any system or laptop to multiple lan users. i have found various modems who provide such facility bt ther share net wirelessly.If i have...
  7. S

    USB to Ethernet Card

    The LAN port of my laptop has been damaged, so I was looking for a USB to LAN card. Can anyone please suggest any good company? Thanks in advance
  8. ayushman9

    How to connect a Cable modem to a wireless router ?

    I recently got YOU broadband plan in Pune .Now as usual the connection is through coaxial cable .and they gave me a cable modem of motorola build . Now the modem does not has a inbuilt autoconnect method .That is we have to log on with manual broadband connection ,it does not have an inbuilt...
  9. G

    How to connect these PCs?

    I want to create a home network with my and my sister's PCs. I want to play LAN games with the network. Can you suggest how to do it?
  10. D

    Problem:Any Hardware Not Found In My laptop

    No Operating System is detecting Audio,WiFi Lan, and DVD Drive. Currently I m Using XP and Windows 7 Ultimate.Some times Wifi Lan appears and Sometimes not, Sometimes Audio Icon appears to play sound but most of the times No hardware is detected despite all the correct drivers installed, The...
  11. Desmond

    How to run a game in multiplayer using VirtualBox?

    I need to play Age of Empires 2 with my friends on LAN, but, I'm facing problems running it as it crashes whenever i run the game. Compatibility does not help, so, I am forced to run it from VirtualBox. My problem is, is there any way to play on LAN using the guest OS's network adapter to...
  12. N

    Need to buy Creative Zen Xfi with wireless lan

    hello friends, I need to purchase Zen Xfi with wireless lan media player, but unable to find any retailer, distributor in mumbai to purchase the same. Pls help me out with the dealer selling creative products or give the address of distributor in mumbai. Thanks
  13. S

    Need help in new Router and NIC...

    so 2 days ago there was heavy rain & once after big lightening, my monitor went black for once, and then after some time I saw NET is gone... Atheros ethernet onBoard LAN is not getting detected... this has happened to me for first time.. So my router was gone - some old billion router from...
  14. A

    Lan problem in win xp

    Hey guys I m facing a very weird problem on my laptop. I have win xp sp3 home installed on my laptop. The problem is from the last few days my lan port /nic card icon in systray is not shown. When I check in device manager it shows ethernet controller with yellow question mark telling me that...
  15. A

    Samsung R517 Laptop

    My Samsung R517 Laptop is for sale. It was bought ten month ago. Sparingly used. Comes with full warranty by Samsung (2 month remaining). With bill and all accessories. At present running Windows 7 perfectly. Comes with no Operating system - but can be provided with Windows 7 if requested...
  16. A

    Connecting 2 systems in LAN

    As I already posted in my previous threads that i will be taking a new system..Once i take it I wanna connect this by LAN to my OLD PC..I want to achieve 2 things.. 1. I want to connect both the systems to internet by BSNL Broadband Dataone with my Nokia seimens ADSL Router cum modem which has...
  17. R

    Connect USB Printer to more than one computer

    Hello Friends, I have one problem, we have a USB Laser Printer in office and wanted to connect it to two computers so taht each PC can fire print directly. I searched on internet and found that USB Hubs wont work as they are used to connect multiple uSB devices to PC and not multiple PC to...
  18. M

    WCF self hosting web access

    Hello friends I have developed WCF self hosted Service now I want it to be run on lan using web browser and I don't want to use IIS so if it is possible to access my wcf through lan than please help me
  19. speedyguy

    Help: Sharing internet over vista from xp

    Hello, I m using a dsl broadband (pppoe) connection on my desktop (xp sp3) which is connected to my modem via usb for broadband. the lan (ethernet) nic from my desktop is connected to my notebook (vista home premium). now i can ping both systems via wired lan and also share data both ways...
  20. speedyguy

    suggest some fps for lan play w/ bots

    m on vacation n hv been outta touch wit pc games for abt 5 years now so no idea which one 2 go for.... i hv some frnds who can join me on lan games so plz advice some good multiplayer shooters...n ya my pc NOT so new....so very recent ones wont work (p4 1.8 ghz, 512mb, 128mb ATi radeon...
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