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Simplest Remote access in LAN

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Broken In
What would be the simplest way to setup remote access among PCs in a LAN? I would like to avoid moving from PC to PC to do some setup work or checking backup.



yeah, looking for same software ?
i tried VNC and some other app. but users easily get noticed that admin is watching him/her
in VNC cursor start blinking and VNC icons change ...

so any other softwares do this thing without knowing them...


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
Firstly You need to have the PCs connected through LAN, set up IP address and set VNC for remote display. For sharing files, you can use FTP or Windows file sharing (for Windows only)
For Linux ssh is the best bet, andfor VNC access vino is pretty easy for Gnome users.

And there's no way to do this without host PC admin knowing, for obvious reasons :/


Broken In
i understand that the free VNC is unencrypted unlike the paid version and not advisable for access from the internet. does that mean that my desktop is more susceptible to unauthorised access from the internet? what is the risk of the free version if it s used for remote access through the internet?

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