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Internet sharing for 5800 and Ipod

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Guyz...this prblm again started with me after i reformatted my pc and changed my ISP...:-x:-xCurrently using Win-XP SP3 as my OS and tata indicom broadband as my ISP. My ISP provides me with a static ip address.

Now my desktop is connected to the internet through wired lan. I also gt myself a Belkin 802.11g USB network adapter for sharing this internet on my 5800 and iPod.I shared the internet on my Lan connection and created an adhoc WEP secured comp-to-comp network on my wireless network. This netwrk is easily detected and connected on my mobile and iPod after providing the logon details for the network.

But the prblm starts here...Evn though this ntwrk get synced with 5800/iPod Touch the internet is unable to be shared between the wifi and the wired lan. The receive/sent light glows on the wifi network when i try accessing the net on my mobile/iPod but no data transfer occurs between the wifi and the wired lan... I am unable to resolve this issue 4m last 2days....

Please help me with any possible suggestions....:cry::cry:

P.S. I dnt have nuf budget nw to get a wifi router, so please leave that option...

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