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  1. H

    LAN (4 computers) connection in BSNL type 2 modem

    In our office we have four computers all kept next to each others in one desk. We have a functioning internet connection with bsnl type 2 modem with four LAN ports behind. Is it possible to make the computers share internet connection just by connecting the Modem's LAN ports with the computers...
  2. T

    Alternative to USB ????

    Hi experts, I’m working in Local Software development firm; we have DELL dimension (Series 3000) PC’s. Administrator has disabled USB functionality and BIOS is Protected by password, as of this I cannot use any USB media in my office. Is there any alternative so that I can transfer my data...
  3. M

    Internet blocker

    i am running browsing center, i am having Hathway internet connection on switch and router. people come to play games as well as browsing. I want to know how can i block the access of internet on some pc's without disturbing the LAN NETWORK, bcos, some people come to play games on LAN NETWORK...
  4. R

    wht do with an old p3 machine?

    hi guys, i just removed an old machine from my storage. chked it, still working. the config is as follows: p3 800mhz intel 815 chipset sd ram 128mb 20gb hdd modem lan card etc. wht shud i do with this?? is it possible to exchange it for a new machine for some discount?
  5. Thor

    Network Connectivity blues in Windows 7 , Win Xp was easier!! Help here ?

    Hi there guys, I am currently using the Tataindicom Broadband WiMax plan . I got myself a new laptop ( yes the Acer Aspire 5740G with 1 GB ati hd5650 yumm ) and it has windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I am liking Windows 7 very much, thank you Microsoft. But I have a problem and a query here...
  6. A

    how to host a lan party?

    how do u host lan party for quake 3,unreal tournament '99?
  7. Ron

    Getin Admin Access in LAn

    hey frens currently i am takin a computer course in Aptech. All the computers out there are conected through LAn and i am provided with a user name and password which has no admin rights...However Regedit and pendrive is accessible. For some fun and knowledge i want to hack the admin...
  8. A

    Help Required in Laptop Selection....

    Hi Friends, I am planning to buy a new laptop. After going through many posts in this forum & keeping my needs in mind I have zeroed on below 2 configurations. I would be using this for Playing movies (Divx, HD etc), to learn Linux (would be installing linux on VMware), Converting DVD's to...
  9. S

    How To Connect Pc And Laptop With Router ?Plzzz Help

    Hi, i have a pc and laptop...i want to connect both of them and want to access each other hard drive files...i don't want to connect them thru lan...! My Pc is connect with my beetel router with lan cable....and my pc does not have any wifi card.... my laptop is connected with router through...
  10. K

    Need help setting up home network

    i want to connect 2 pc's to my linksys Compact Wireless-G Broadband Router wrt54gc so they can share files and play games on lan. i don't want them to cross wire lan as then i can't access internet any one know how can i do that?? i don't know much things so please explain in detail.:smile:
  11. J

    Internet Disconnect frequently

    Hello friends , My Internet Disconnect frequently Its connect only after I disable and enable my Lan I am facing this problem from Last one year. Its disconnect after 15 to 30 min. I Change my LAN card , modem but my problem didn't solved but when I connect my Internet to another PC...
  12. shaunak

    Sporadic "Cable disconnected" issues - MTNL wireless router

    I am facing a very odd issue with MTNL's wireless router. [Huawei echolife HG520] On startup, I get a "Network Cable Disconnected" error and the "Lan1" LED stays shut. But if I disable and enable it a bunch of times ('bout 3~4 times) from the Network Control Panel, it manages to connect and...
  13. r4gs

    internet connection sharing using a switch

    We have 2 laptops, both running windows 7 ultimate. Internet connection is by 5net so we only have a LAN cable which is inserted into the LAN port and then we can dial. No modem. We have a LAN switch available and no router. Is it possible to share the internet connection through the...
  14. T

    AMD / intel - best VFM???

    need 2 systems.... needs... 1. ddr3 + raid 5 + dual gbps lan or 2 pci slots. mobo + proc = 12000 budget. 2. ddr2 + gbps lan mobo + proc = 7000-8000 budget needed best vfm for both.. thanx angel
  15. A

    internet problem

    i stay in my college hostel and we need to run internet through 'automatically detect settings' but i m not able to do it now...........this problem started a few days ago i formatted my windows xp and installed its fresh copy then also i m not able to connect to internet............ i even...
  16. sanads

    how to connect pc to my laptop through lan

    I want to connect my pc to my samsun r480 notebooks with lan please tell me step by step in xp. thanking advance:lol::lol:
  17. ashishnehete

    seting up LAN server for UT

    Guys i am having a LAN gaming party i have to put atleast 25 pc in network for unreal tournament the oldest version how to make a dedicated server for the same how to use it??
  18. paroh

    Intenet conenction on laptop and pc

    I want to use internet on laptop and pc. As i am connecting laptop through wireless router. but my pc don't have wireless receiver. Is it possible that i connect a lan cable to laptop and pc and internet work on the pc also. As wireless router or modem is in other room. Wireless router->...
  19. A

    Samsung R517 Laptop-two month old

    My Samsung R517 Laptop is for sale. It was bought two month ago. Sparingly used. Comes with full warranty by Samsung (10 month remaining). With bill and all accessories. At present running Windows 7 perfectly. Comes with no Operating system - but can be provided with Windows 7 if requested...
  20. S

    LAN port not working

    I am facing this problem for last couple of months. I am unable to use the LAN for the Internet or networking.When the power is supplied to the CPU and modem, the LED for LAN in the modem glows, but as the computer boots after 2-3 sec the LED diminishes and there will be no network connection...
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