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Monitoring Internet Bandwidth in a LAN

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Hi all,
I have a Airtel Broadband connection that I am using in my Office. The office computers are connected by LAN and I also have a Wireless Router (Netgear, Wireless G router WGR614 model) that I am using for connecting a couple of Laptops with the network.
Currently, I am using a old ADSL modem for connecting. This is using USB port and requires username/password to be entered. It is connected to a system named D1. The problem I am facing is that when I share the internet connection, I need to have access to D1 to browse. Since D1 is on XP Home edition, it does not allow more than 5 simultaneous TCP connections. So, if there are many systems accessing D1 (even locally and not for browsing), I am not able to browse.
I now have a slightly newer modem that allows me to connect to ethernet port and can connect to the internet without requiring manual login. I want to connect it to the Wireless Router so that browsing can be done without any problem. However, since it is a limited connection (1 GB limit), I want to monitor internet bandwidth (filtering away LAN access) and also restrict browser usage.

Hence I need the following information
1. Any software compatible with the router to monitor internet usage and filter out LAN accesses. Currently, even for the existing modem, I am not able to filter out LAN access from internet usage count when I tried various Bandwidth monitoring software
2. How to restrict internet access. Perhaps I can set up some sort of firewall on the router to allow only certain users and certain systems to access internet, whereas all systems can access one another in the network.

Thanks in advance
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