Faulty router...


Broken In
Hi all, iam using the dlink dir 605l router got the last 6 months. Off late it is not connecting to the intended connections.

I am based at kolkata and I use alliance broadband, which is a static IP cable broadband connection. The connection from outside comes to the Internet port of the router and a lan cable from port 1 goes to the desktop and the laptop connects wirelessly. We have ensured that we have configured the router with the IP settings shared by the service provider. This was working fine till one day when the router stopped working properly.. It used to connect intermittently and now doesnt work at all.

When I connect the cable directly into the desktop lan port and confirm the IP settings for the network card, the Internet works fine. If i connect the lan cable to the router I can access the router page alright.

I am clueless where the problem might be. I have mailed dlink and they want me to call, however as per their working hours, it would mean I would have to take a day off.

Any suggestions are welcome, Pls let me know if there are any solutions available.

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