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Can someone please provide some basic information on hosting LAN party. Please also suggest a router capable of supporting 4 players.


What type of games will u be playing? And as for creating a lan, u can create a wireless hotspot though your laptop or mobile and connect all the PC's (without internet) and enjoy your game. For the router there's a router by tp link that's for 1900 inr which has 4 lan ports.


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for 4 player lan party, you dont need any special hw.
any run of the mill router will do. they have 4 lan ports as a minimum requirement. just plug and play.

even wifi will work.


Any normal router would do the job. One with premium would obviously provide lower latency which may or maynot be noticeable .

It's advisable to use ethernet cables for better gameplay.


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if your are planning for offline lan then a switch / hub would be more than enough.
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