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  1. utkarsh007

    EFS certificate problem

    hey ery1 due to some technical problems i reinstalled windows 7 on mah pc but forgot to decrypt a very important folder of mine. now i have the .pfx certificate but forgot the password. I have tried with all i can remember. Can anyone tell me of a software that can bruteforce it. I have used one...
  2. A

    jus purchased Sapphire HD5670 + Corsair 430W

    I jus purchased from Prime ABGB: Sapphier HD5670 1Gb DDR5 -> Rs. 4800 Corsair 430W -> Rs. 2150 I am about to install the graphic card.... need some guidance: 1. Any specific setting needs to be done while installing the card? 2. any BIOS setting required? 3. any care to be taken for...
  3. cooldude22

    Pls suggest guys....

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A:mostly games and HD movies 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering...
  4. V

    N8 opinions ??!!!

    hey..this is vishu from Hyd..i've been dying to buy the N8 for quite sometime now but the only thing keeping me back is the amount of negative reviews i've been seeing lately..mind you that I am a huge nokia fan and been my using N95 8gb close to 3 years now...I just need a few things clarified...
  5. S

    need a gaming rig under 14k

    hi, i wanted to upgrade my PC. i hav a graphic card(Nvidea 9500gt) so no need of inbiult ones....... i jus need a processor,motherboard,ram,HDD&cabby... pls help me out.... i mainly need it for gaming and video editing....
  6. S

    need a gaming rig under 14k

    hi, i wanted to upgrade my PC. i hav a graphic card(Nvidea 9500gt) so need of inbiult ones....... i jus need a processor,motherboard,ram,HDD&cabby... pls help me out.... i mainly need it for gaming and video editing....
  7. A

    Monitor resolution problem

    Hi all Today i got a new samsung 2033SW monitor and pixelview tv tuner card play tv box 6.. But strangely it doesn seem to work. I guess d resolutions doesn match. D tuner has resolutions of 800*600 1024*768 1280*1024 1280*768 1440*900 1400*1050 and 1680*1050.. I tried all d modes but d...
  8. C

    configuration for asembelled pc

    hi, i jus' wanna build a extreme gaming pc but i need help in its config:wink:.So, i jus' wanna go with nvidia 295gtx:mrgreen:.The budget is rs 80000.
  9. K

    Sony Ericsson S500

    hi all , need a suggestion ... i'm planning to gift a phone to my bro ... budget about 8k ... i found this s500 in a store and he said he had jus one piece left and he was ready to offer it at a fantastic price .. looked at the box ... its sealed ... no issues there ... i know the specs of that...
  10. evil_maverick

    pes 09 sound problem!!

    hello ppl... m havin a lil prob wid ma pes 09 (pc).. the thing is every time m playin da game..jus in the middle..the commntry gets stuck!! and the commentator keeps on repeating the same thing again and again for atleast a few minutes..until a goal is scored or a foul is committed.. and...
  11. iinfi

    has anyone used F-Secure

    reliance broadband provides F-Secure anti-virus and firewall free of cost for broadband subscribers. i m jus wondering whether i sud go for it or jus pay n renew my Kaspersky anti-virus. plz let me know your views..
  12. pc_game_lover2004

    Please Help Me Out !!!

    Hi guys I recently upgraded my pc.... and the computer vendor place intel's motherboard model D945GCPE Other details are here now guys I want to add a graphic card of low end range just 3k some say that graphic card is supported on my board and some say not pls. help me... and yes if not pls...
  13. A

    Accessing NTFS and fat32 from ext2/ext3..

    ppl.. i have installed a dual boot.. xp and ubuntu.. and im not able to perform write operations on my drives belonging to xp from ubuntu.. but i can raed em.. im able to read em and write on c:!! but not on the other drives.. can anybody tell me why this is happening.. i want to knoe y this is...
  14. ashu888ashu888

    Registry Editing DISABLED

    GUys, I use WIN XP PRO+Sp2 I recently tried to add a entry into the registry (by double clicking on the .reg file) But it said Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator I use the PC at my home adn I have never faced this error message as I myself am the Administrator...
  15. J

    need 2 change my rig budget 20 k

    well m planin 4 a makeover....wld b changin my CPu...{kay mine was a p3 866mhz,kay nough of those jokes:D:):(} have a budget of say 20 k... alredy hav a DVD riter...a 40 gb hdd.{i plan 2 buy a sata hdd tho}..mouse keyboard n monitor frm my earlier rig... i have a gamin rig in my mind...wat...
  16. johnjjx

    creative soundblaster live 5.1

    model no ct 4780.. sblive 5.1 price 500 shippd.(not negotiable) unused lyin arnd.....for years...jus pluggd to check workin conditon. reason for sale: have audigy.:D
  17. A

    FS: W810i minus the Phone!

    Well, regarding the peculiar title. actually, i wanna dispose of my unfaithful SE W810i. wots unique about it is that it isnt a phone now. i mean, there is a network problem with it, and phone calls cannot be made on it as of now. everything else is fine, like the MP3 player, cam, radio etc...
  18. blademast3r

    Nice way to make a lil bit of pocket money!

    Hey ppl i jus figured out this nice legit way of makin a lil bit of money!! its frm this site called bux....basically u earn 0.1$ a day for surfing 10 ads for 30 seconds....and plus u get money when u reffer this site to someone else..!! so heres the link....with my referal edited ....u jus...
  19. codename_romeo

    Lappy problem

    Right now i am tryin to install XP SP2 on my frends laptop bu the setup process doesnt recognize the hdd. It loads all files n then gives an error saying that no detectable HDD attached.... Laptop is jus a coouple of days old n reason for installing windows is An Attempt To Get Rid Of Vista So...
  20. C

    automatic shutdown ups

    i wanted to buy a ups which can automaticaly put my pc into hybernate or shutdown when battery is low...jus like laptop. is it possible?? how?
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