need 2 change my rig budget 20 k

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well m planin 4 a makeover....wld b changin my CPu...{kay mine was a p3 866mhz,kay nough of those jokes:D:):(}

have a budget of say 20 k...
alredy hav a DVD riter...a 40 gb hdd.{i plan 2 buy a sata hdd tho}..mouse keyboard n monitor frm my earlier rig...
i have a gamin rig in my mind...wat cld b da possible config..which shld b future proof...least shld b able 2 play games 4 da next 2 years comfortably..
cld u jus list me a coupla configs-m based in mum so if possible cld u jus list da current lamington prices..wld b of great help:cool:

MOBO-shld support ddr2/3
graphic card-


Cyborg Agent
CPU - Intel E2160 = ~ 2,600/-
Gigabyte G31 Motherboard = ~ 3,000/-
Decent 500W PSU = ~ 2-2.5k
Full ATX Cabinet = 1,200/-
2GB DDR2 RAM = 1,800/-
Gigabyte 9600GT = 10k

Comes to approx 20.6k
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