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  1. C

    Need a wireless router

    Suggest me a router which can gimme a good range b/w 2 apartments.. My router will be on 3rd floor and i want to use it on my 2nd floor's apartment..the apartments are not joined.. both are in different directions..My max budget is 2k.. I dont care about d brand i jst want quality..
  2. R

    mobile @ 4k

    hey guyz suggest me the best handset available @ 4k wid 3G.....need this jst fr side use...:)
  3. R

    Looking forward 2 new Samsung Phns under 6k

    The star II has been put up for pre order for 6k only will be retailing for 5.5k i guess the corby II will also follow suite soon after I jst wanted to knw the experts opinions of thinkdigit wht they think of it & will prices go down any futher i mean is it possible...
  4. pulkitpopli2004

    PC - boot up prob

    hello frndz i dont what has happened to my new Rig.. jst after 5-6 days it come up with a prob in which it does boot in one go.. i need to press power on button 4-5 times,,, or sometimes more than that too.. whenever i press on led blinks present on cabinet and jst after a second it goes...
  5. tech_sword

    modulate accessebility for windows xp

    i want to cntrl the accessebility of my PC for different Users. N in the Fast-track of july 09 they hav prvided dat hw 2 do it bt m jst unble to do it. Can any one xplain it to me..... r eny new techniq 4 doin so?
  6. R

    Phones of 2010

    GUYS jst post the phones you guys are looking out for in the coming year,,,
  7. R

    Good Phones in 8k

    Jst can u suggest a few phns i shd hav a look at in d 8k range
  8. T

    why 10.10 on cover of watch

    i jst want to know why 10.10 on cover of watch?
  9. D

    linux n mysql

    friends.. i m a novice user of linux, as i have just started learning it during my summer internship. i m developing a project in linux which includes connectivity to mysql. i am having data in .txt files and want to insert it into MySql database table. please help me out how can i do this...
  10. evewin89

    how 2 write a DVD?

    guyz is there ny built in option in XP 2 write a DVD? i mean jst lik "WRITE THESE FILES TO CD" in cd explorer.......?:rolleyes:
  11. E

    DirectX 10 released !!!!!

    Yes ! it may seem like spam but here's how da story goes............... I did a routine windows update yesterday night n since today morning , the dxdiag thingy is showing my directx version to be 10.0 !!! jst hope it isn't some sort of a bug............................... p.s -...
  12. C

    Should I go back or not??

    This might be the biggest mistake I have ever made till now. Chose boarding. Currently I m in MIT Gurukul, Pune doing IB board. Previously I was in Gujarat Board. There toh jst read and vomit. In Ib u need to understand everything and if u fail to understand u r dead then. Now the thing is I m...
  13. anandk

    Online Staus Checker : Messenger

    "Please type the User ID of the person (whose status you want to know) in front of the Messenger Service used by him/her and then press the corresponding button." this way u can find out who has blocked u ;-) http://www.muskurahat.com/status/ old news ??? came across this jst 2de, hence...
  14. H

    Deathly Hallows Query...

    Can any one tell whats depicted on the US Scholastic version cover....where does it comes in the plot.....i jst couldnt get dat...
  15. M

    CRT Vs LCD- need guidance

    dear, give me the info abt, the advantage and disadvantage of both LCD and TFT Monitor. if possible, jst gime the price difference, waiting wt lov mobileman
  16. C

    Shld i go for Nokia 6300?

    Recently came across Nokia 6300 and jst fell in love with it. Its looks awesome and is light weight. Anyone got 6300 here?? I heard that it gets hot if we talk for more than 2 mins. True??? Ppl r saying that it got bad battery. True??? I take much time to adjust with stuff but damn this phone...
  17. tweety_bird_bunny

    2 very nice NOKIA tweaks!!!!

    ok guys..i dnt know whether u knw dis or not....nut i found out jst few days ago,s o here i am to share the excitement... TWEAK 1.... dis tweak is related to setting up ur own operator logo.....i tested dis on n70 and worked fine..shud wrk with other phones too i guess..... first u need...
  18. xpabhi

    XFX GeForce 6600GT PCI E

    hey guys chck out my card http://www.xfxforce.com/web/product/listConfigurationDetails.jspa?productConfigurationId=1084 its jst ovr 1 yr old! i'm jst thru with playin games :p nevr had any probs iwt it.. used to clean it regularly.. moreovr i hav an ac room so dust was nevr a prob...
  19. nitish_mythology

    Why shd I b allowed to install Linux?

    HI Guys, I am a student of Mayo College Ajmer. We hv lots of comp with one of the best IT infrastructure! The whole of over campus has 300+ comp but jst the servers running Linux! As I am one of the biggest Linux fan, i want Linux to b installed... For this I need to take ther permission...
  20. xpabhi

    File Deleter !?#!@#

    hello ppl... hope evryones doin well.... well i jst woke up from a nightmare... :p .. yeah kinda...read on... i nevr had such a prob b4!!! i was downloading this torrent movie... to jst chck it properly... i copied it to my documents.... jst casually... n then i played it with vlc...
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