1. J

    Cheap Headphones 500Rs -700Rs

    Hello, As the title says i need cheap Headphone under 700Rs( I am not that rich :\ :P) Will be using to Watch movies/tv series on PC only(And maybe TV ). Over the ear preferred as the are more comfortable on ear. I am looking into Sennheiser hd 180 , Panasonic RP-HT161E-K and Intex...
  2. sling-shot

    [NEWS] Intex Aqua Fish With Sailfish OS 2.0 Launched at MWC 2016

    . .. ... The dual-SIM supporting Intex Aqua Fish sports a 5-inch HD (720x1280 pixels) resolution TFT display and is powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core processor under-the-hood, clubbed with 2GB of DDR3 RAM. The latest Sailfish OS 2.0-based smartphone sports an 8-megapixel rear camera with LED...
  3. rickenjus

    Celkon, Intex set for Google's Android One

    Source - Celkon, Intex set to be Google's new India partners for Android One What I think is while this will surely give boost to Indian Brands but the question is will they be able make full use of it.!! Why don't these brands open R&D centers here and start producing one phone or two on...
  4. R

    Intex Firefox Smartphone Announced for less than Rs 2,000

    Intex today announced its association with Mozilla Firefox to bring the world’s most affordable smartphone, Cloud FX, the first Firefox OS device to India Priced in the sub Rs 2000 category, the smartphone will be targeted at first time smartphone users in tier II cities and rural areas and is...
  5. aniket.cain

    Need a good 1kVA UPS [Urgent]

    Hi, I currently have an Intex Black Armour 725 UPS which I had purchased before building my current system - i5 4670k + Asrock Z87 Extreme4 + Asus R9 280X (full details in sig). This Intex UPS is rated at 725VA, but it is Intex, so... It gets overloaded when I am playing some heavy games...
  6. M

    New Budget TV required

    guys, my good, ol! tv did go kaput two days back so please suggest a new TV >= 20 inch. sorry, but cant provide a decent budget. anything within 13k would be great, though i'm open for a slight increase for a better one. need good viewing angles. dont need much better speakers. because i'm...
  7. T

    Advice needed for a Good Mouse and Mouse pad.

    My PC Config is in Signature if required. Budget: 2.5k (Mouse + Pad) Games: RTS Only - Mainly Starcraft 2 , AOE, CAESER Series etc. Using a cheap ass intex mouse with a local mouse pad and its getting very irritating to play with it due to slow response and mouse kinda sticking with Pad...
  8. mohit9206

    Intex launches Cloud X3 Jelly Bean smartphone for Rs 3,790

    Intex Technologies announced its strategic alliance with MediaTek with the launch of the Cloud X3 smartphone. The Intex Cloud X3 smartphone sports a modest 3.5-inch display and is a dual-SIM handset. The smartphone comes packed with MT6572, which is the world’s first dual-core chipset which has...
  9. SunnyGamingHD2

    Intex Headphone Problem

    My Intex headphone is 2 years old(don't know which model cuz i bought it locally). Problem:-Recently(1-2 days) my headphone gives audio to left ear only and right side sometimes getting audio sometimes not(mostly happens while gaming).Its kinda annoying! so is there any solution? is this...
  10. NitrousNavneet

    No sound from Intex 2600 Watt Speakers

    A week ago my intex 2600 watt speaker started to sound harsh and rough. And now it stopped working. The system shows that the device is connected and working perfectly, but there is no sound from even one of four speakers, the LED of main unit is lightning too.I have once formatted pc it and...
  11. R

    Strange PC Problem

    Hi all, I just encountered a strange PC problem and my PC is just 7 day old, and the Problem is, sometimes PC power on but no display, no beep, no post, no motherboard logo but all light are glowing(keyboard,mouse cabinet power light) and all fans are working (SMPS fan, processor fan)...
  12. Nerevarine

    Corsair VS450

    Is this PSU good ? I can get it from FK for 2415 which is a good deal.. Also can anyone please tell me the location of corsair service center in Bhubaneswar Im gonna use it with i3 2100 Asus P8H61 Mobo 4 GB DDR3 (Corsair valueram) Dell IN2030M HD 6850 Intex Armor UPS(600va) What is the...
  13. M

    intex IT 4800 ( plz help me )

    hey friends if anyone have user manual of intex IT 4800 then plz msg me..... also can someone tell me how can i contecct this with my lappy and LCD tv :|
  14. puneet sharma

    This or Next Year ?

    I am planning to buy a whole new computer.currently i have :- CPU :- intel e4500 @ 2.2Ghz :evil: Ram :- kingston 2 GB ddr2 Monitor :- Samsung 17" inch standard SyncMaster 740N (quite good picture quality) Gpu :- integrated G33/G31 just burned 9500gt and planning to buy 7750 :oops: Hard disk...
  15. M

    Speaker suggestion needed ~6k (edited)

    I want to buy a 2.0 speaker set. My budget is around 6000. I am confused between Intex 10500, Intex 10800 and Intex Dominator. Please help me guys and also suggest me some other models of other brands which are alike these......
  16. mang

    ATX 2 & -5v

    As I have read, the newer ATX power supply spec from 2.XX done away with the -5v however my CPUID Hardware Ware Monitor still show -5v how was that ? My PSU is Intex with AM3 785 board. Do i need to use better PSU like the branded ones ?
  17. S

    confused between creative t6100(5.1) and intex it 5450 fm(5.1)

    i want to purchase a 5.1 speaker setup for my lenovo ideapad z560 and i have selected two of the setups: 1.creative inspire t6100 2.intex it 5450fm now i am bit cofused that whether i shud choose intex or creative as intex it 5450 is offering wireless remote fm sd card slots facility while...
  18. J


    Hi my name is Hemant I have a problem . I am goin to buy a new GTS450 because i cant stretch my budget. I have bought my pc on DEC 2010 My config are PRO - C2D 7500 @ 2.93 Ghz MOBO - GA 31 -Es2cl RAM - 4 GB DDR2 Current Zotac 9500 gt. PSU - Intex 450 W. My question is...

    cost of woofers

    Guys can u tell me the cost of woofers of this specify 2.1 speakers intex 2000 watt sb :???:
  20. ratul

    Need 2.1 under 1.5k?

    I just need a 2.1 set for gaming and occasional music (indian bollywood and some rock). I was having intex 2.1 2000w speakers, so basically need a cheap 2.1 system with a good bass and sound under 1.5k. Preferred brands - Altec Lansing (bxr1121 or bxr1321 or vs2621) Creative (anything in sbs or...
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