Cheap Headphones 500Rs -700Rs


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As the title says i need cheap Headphone under 700Rs( I am not that rich :\ :p)
Will be using to Watch movies/tv series on PC only(And maybe TV ).
Over the ear preferred as the are more comfortable on ear.
I am looking into Sennheiser hd 180 , Panasonic RP-HT161E-K and Intex IT-HP904FM(In these does wireless means Wifi ?can i use this with my TV which has Wifi?If yes ,That be great.)
Please help. Don't Ignore because of the small price i really need headphones.:dead_NF:


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I bought this one about a year ago, and it's still going good. I have been using headphones for about 8yrs, this is one still working for more than 1yr. Others went kaput in less than a year (after all they are those local Rs. 150-200 headphones, probably that's the max one should expect to last).

Hopefully, Sennheiser and Panasonic last longer than Intex. Just my guess, going by the popular brand...


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Thank you [MENTION=125321]nac[/MENTION] for your reply. Panasonic is only giving 6 months warranty so i ain't choosing it.
Sennheiser gives 2 years warranty and Philips is giving 1 year warranty so i will be choosing out of these. :)
Will wait for someones reply who has used Sennheiser hd 180.So i can make the decision.
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