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  1. coderunknown

    [GIVEAWAY] Ashampoo Burning Studio 2014

    Giveaway Link download NOTE: Giveaway ends Feb 10 2014 so be sure to download the installer & grab the activation key before time runs out. Activation through can be done later.
  2. powerhoney

    CyanogenMod Installer removed from Google Play

    Source:CyanogenMod Installer removed from Google Play God!!! When did Google start acting like Microsoft and Apple!!! That was totally uncalled for... :-x:-x:-x Next thing you know, they'll even lock the bootloaders of the Moto Gs by the time they reach this Country!!! :-x
  3. T

    Media Flash Player

    Adobe Media flash Player Installer needed latest version.Anyone having it?
  4. R

    adobe photoshop installation error!

    your installer encountered the following problems. inconsistency in the installer database please restart your computer and try again. adobe photoshop cs6. what could the problem be?! it installs in every computer other than mine!
  5. M

    Help to Find

    Apologize for this offtopic post: If anyone has a working installer of "No More Cookies", can you please upload it somewhere? OR Please provide the forum/thread link where I should post this? The original site seems to be dead, the cnet and other dl site versions are, as usual, malware-rigged...
  6. N

    DotNet Framework 3.5 offline installer for Windows 8

    If you have upgraded to Windows 8 or your new PC came with the Microsoft's brand new Windows 8 operating system, many of your applications (eg. AutoCad) might not work at all due to the absence of an important component called "DotNet Framework v3.5" on this OS. Although Windows 8 comes with...
  7. Shah

    Unable to boot Ubuntu 12.10 from Flash Drive

    I just downloaded Ubuntu 12.10 Destop Edition and have been trying to install it. I tried both Unetbootin and Universal USB Installer. But, It's not booting. Need your help!
  8. S

    problem with steam installer

    There is a problem with my steam installer.as i had installed the steam installer to install the games given in the dvd with the magazine,i am not able to open my account in steam because the steam app is not responding on my pc.please give me a solution for this problem.
  9. K

    Windows Installer is not working

    Dear Friends/Experts I m unable to install the program as i am getting the below error “The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed” I am using windows 7 Thank You Kunal i dont know how to delete this thread but i got the solution from net thanks everyone
  10. win32.tr0jan

    Install creator with feature to run file before and after install

    Anyone knows any GUI based freeware install creator which enables me to run a file before and after the setup copies files to the system? I found Inno setup but its scripting, which took a while for me to learn.But still...it shows some dialogue boxes like "goodbye","thank you for choosing my...
  11. CommanderShawnzer

    create installer/setup file using VS 2010 Express??

    well, i want to create an installer file using Visual Studio 2010 Express to extract a bunch of file to a certain directory in C drive the installer should have Administrator privileges the installer should have these files in it and extract it to the directory and create a folder "DLC" and...
  12. patkim

    Antivir install issue - existing firewall

    I am trying to install (to basically try out) some of the free Antivir/firewalls like AVG & Zonealarm. I thought I would first get the full download of installer package file (like full exe) and then run it separately on whatever system I wish to try. However it first downloads a small 3 MB...
  13. Shah

    VB 2010 Express Standalone Offline Installer

    I have been trying to install VB 2010 Express Edition via web installer in my new PC. Now, The problem is i live in TN where i have to face a power cut of 8 to 10hrs per day. I have only a few hours of continuous power supply here. My BSNL 3G gets disconnected often or the power goes off. So...
  14. justme101

    MSI.chm error...!!!! CAN ANYONE FIX THIS PLZ??

    Hi guys... i re-formatted and installed windows xp sp2 and everything was working fine except that there was no sound but that issue was sorted out in the forum itself but i seem to have run into another one. i tried to install 2 games but after reaching around 20-30% of the installation...
  15. soumo27

    Grub 1.97 Beta 4 Error after Updating Ubuntu 9.10

    Last Night I downloaded some updates, total of around 300 Mb on my Ubuntu 9.10. Then it prompted me to restart the system,. which I did. After which, my Ubuntu is not loading back to its previous state of Destop. The Grub seems to miss the menu.lst file, as I searched and found out. There seems...
  16. probir

    web space for sale

    i want to sell web space .... @ Rs. 1000 yearly. 99.99% up time. if interested then contact with my e-mail address... 100% secure, reliable, best....... specification We own, manage and maintain our own 'load balanced' clustered hosting network. Consisting of powerful Quad CPU Xeon...
  17. sujeet2555

    weird user account applet problem

    hi.i have window xp sp2.i am recently getting a strange problem.here it is http://i32.tinypic.com/ehlxfm.jpg it is only showing only that much portion only .i am unable to get it full.it occur to some other application also like adobe cs4 installer.
  18. R

    Ninite - Download/ Install Multiple Programs Fast.

    http://ninite.com/ The easiest way to get apps. Pick your favorite software. Start your customized installer. You're done! A great utility I came across while browsing hope u will like it.
  19. aytus

    Ext3 partition not showing in Windows (cant format)

    jst gave a spin to 9.10 karmic . but the ext3 partiton that i installed it on (which is on my secandry pata hdd) is not showing in windows disk management. The partition i installed it on was 40 gb .. in windows it is only shown as 32 gb.. the 8 gb on which data was written is not shown. not...
  20. S

    Turbo C not starting ?

    hey!!! whenever i try to start turbo c the screen goes blck & thw old window comes back & so nothing happens. Does any body knows the solution what to do?? Please help me.my exams are near.and i am not able to fix this problem.... I had even downloaded a new installer of turbo c from...
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