1. ramakanta

    portable linux OS

    is there any procedure to make opensource Linux os portable , where double click and run the Linux os inside the windows os , ie without booting. please help me. thank you.
  2. harshilsharma63

    will the psu heat up?

    Hi, I'm using a Corsair cx430v2 with other parts you may see in my signature. Now, the PSU's fan is inside the cabinet, sucking air from within the cabinet, into the PSU. So, as summer arrives the air inside the cabinet will be pretty hot and the PSU will simply be passing this hot air through...
  3. mohityadavx

    Camera Help

    Hey! I have a Sony DSC H55 the reason I had bought it was simple that I am no photographer and wanted to just shoot and Voila it be done but I dont know whether somebody in the family has messed up with the settings or something else Now even in the Intelligent Auto mode if its inside the...
  4. ithehappy

    [Want to Buy] Sony Ericsson W580i

    I am interested if anyone wants to sell his/her SE W580i. With all the original accessories, set should have no problem internally (hardware wise) At a moderate price and inside Kolkata only. Kindly post here or PM me if you're interested to sell...
  5. N

    My First Buy

    Hi guys i've ordered a Radeon HD4870 512mb GDDR5 graphics card from and the seller told me that i'll be needing a 2 molex to 6 pin PCI-e connector as it doesn't comes inside the box. I have a standard 450W Zebronics power supply and i know i'll surely be needing that connector cable? The...
  6. N

    amd fx 8350 disscussion

    does amd fx 8350 released in india if it is released what is the price in kolkata . i see in some places 8350 comes with water cooling inside the box does it cost little more than a normal heatsink inside the box and one think does 8350 is good for gaming and multitasking at this price:-D8-)
  7. J

    Laptops and rodents

    Laptops are most susceptible to rodent invasions since they are stored inside cupboards or cabinets....I'm facing exactly the same problem...this time its ants...I have absolutely no idea on how to get them out of my laptops fan sink....I got advice to use an air duster but i think that will...
  8. J

    GALAXY S2 Wifi not at all supporting AD-HOC network

    hi, I wanted to use my wired internet on laptop inside galaxy s2.SO i started looking out for options dig deep into many forums.One solution was to use connectify-me and make laptop as wifi hotspot but problem after so much trial and error is android itself does not support AD-HOC wifi mode...
  9. ramakanta

    Microwave Oven -Magnetron

    How microwave Oven's Magnetron generate microwave . please Explained with details (with figures if possible)?? and whats parts inside the Magnetron.. Thank you.
  10. P

    USB Header to USB socket cable

    Do we get internal USB Header to USB socket cable? I.e One end will go into the header pins on mobo. Other will be a USB socket just floating inside the cabinet, instead of bringing it at the front panel.
  11. B

    Installing a cabinet fan

    I opted for cm 80mm led fan frm flipkart as sugestd by other my shopkeepers couldnt get it. .so after a prolonged search,i was able to get a non led 80mm fan and dat too a cheap 1. . .i checkd it in my pc,its running. . . 1. should i attach it to rear or side? 2. the side of d...
  12. kool

    need photoshop tutorial

    I want to create image inside text. How can i do that.? like this::
  13. kbar1

    Dust inside camera lens

    I have a Samsung Galaxy SL I9003, bought in October 2011. I've noticed that dust has been collecting inside the camera lens. Images appear dull, and autofocus has trouble doing its job. Twice I have given the phone to the SC. They've just cleaned the lens and given it back, advising me to use...
  14. Cool Buddy

    3 Things I learnt from assembling my first PC

    Never tighten a screw too much, you will curse yourself if you ever open it in future Do not let a screw fall inside the cabinet, you will end up searching everywhere including inside the PSU, afraid that it might get stuck in the wrong place, and will finally find it stuck between to...
  15. M

    Dvd writer not burning any disc

    :cry: Whenever I try to insert a blank disc inside my dvd writer it takes a huge time to read it and I tried ti burn data by nero through it .. It took 15 hrs to do that..Even after that there was no data inside the dvd... The dvd writer can however read the data..I've tired every possible...
  16. A

    Exception handling - Java

    here are 2 versions of same program: version 1: package dutt; class App{ static void demo(){ try{ throw new NullPointerException("generic"); }catch(NullPointerException q){ System.out.println("caught inside demo"); throw q; } } public static void...
  17. K

    Phenom II x4 955 - sounding like race engine :-(

    Had this recent build of the Phenom II x4 955be + asus mobo after much thought process. But this CPU would not let me listen to songs/watch movies/even be in peace !! Even at stock speed with no OC, its as if F1 circuit races are being conducted inside my cabinet ! Sample noise video : (Not...
  18. venram87700

    PRESENTING !!!!! My Brand Spankin New Rig !!!!!!!!!

    Hey Guys I am proud to share the pics and config with all of my friends here on thinkdigit forum ... I wanna thank all of u for ur valuable information and suggestions which helped me formulate and assemble this marvelous beast of a system Let me begin with my config and the cost Processor...
  19. S

    Which is better - for inside if or if inside for

    Hi, I am doing some coding in .NET in which there is a set of commands that I have to execute either once or twice (second time with slight changes) depending on user input. So, I want to know which is most efficient - Option 1. For() command 1 if (twice) command 2 End loop Option...
  20. vikasg03

    how to send video in email

    I want to know how can we attach video inside any email like yahoo/gmail similarly we can watch in you tube. Say i am having video file which i converted into flv/swf. No i want to add that in my email, so when receipt open his e-mail, video is showing inside mail window, and by clicking play...
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