1. d3p

    XFX Ati Radeon HD5770 1 GB for Sale

    Hi All, I want to sell my XFX HD 5770 Card, which is just 6 months old. Lifetime warranty. Current market price in roughly around 8.5 - 9k. Selling price is 6k + shipping cost inside india. Reason of selling : Already got a GTX 580 from U.S in cheap price. Intrested people can contact me @...
  2. papashango_cs

    windows 7 probelm ! please help !

    hello i have win 7 ultimate 64 bit i have a 500gb hdd , in my C drive , the windows has been installed when i check the properties -------- it shows used space 23.4gb and total space 97.5gb free - 74.1gb -------- but when i go inside the drive , select all the folders n files, n then...
  3. soumo27

    Grub 1.97 Beta 4 Error after Updating Ubuntu 9.10

    Last Night I downloaded some updates, total of around 300 Mb on my Ubuntu 9.10. Then it prompted me to restart the system,. which I did. After which, my Ubuntu is not loading back to its previous state of Destop. The Grub seems to miss the menu.lst file, as I searched and found out. There seems...
  4. Gollum

    Lightening/thunder and a mobile phone (safety issue myth)

    Yesterday there was thunder storm and there were sparks coming out of almost every power socket and ceiling fans of the house. On top of that i was forced to switch off both my mobile phones by my aunt. People in my locality tell me that i should not use a mobile during a thunder storm. I...
  5. F

    Am I in trouble : Career help.

    Hi every1. Sorry I m using this thread as i was not able to create new thread?? (don't know why...) I just want a piece of advice from you all. I have completed my BE in Computer last month only. I have got 54% only. Recently there was walkin for one reputed IT company. The...
  6. P

    Need Help to open memory card? please

    hello,:neutral: I have 2 gb sd card which i was using in digital camera, but recently one problem occured , whenever i insert card in reader, it immediately " ask card is not formatted , want to format ? either yes or no" . on denying it does not open. Inside card are my essential snaps. These...
  7. cooldude666666

    Can I use Google Desktop's search in explorer in Windows 7

    I was wondering if i could use the google desktop search from inside windows explorer in such a way that it replaces the windows 7 default search system i.e., when i search in the search box inside windows explorer, i should see results from google desktop. If there's any way to do this please...
  8. A

    You can see the latest issue online

    You can browse the latest issue of digit online before buying. They have just introduced the 'look inside' feature on the home page.
  9. S

    Some Fun with Firefox

    Copy the links and paste in the address bar of Firefox chrome://global/content/alerts/alert.xul IT SHOWS Dancing Firefox. chrome://browser/content/browser.xul IT Opens another Firefox inside a tab in the the existing Firefox window. chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul...
  10. rohanmathew

    VB6 Problem -help

    need a code to execute an application,for eg photoshop inside an mdi form. Pls help.Thanks in advance.
  11. hdsk.23

    Dell Studio XPS 1340 has 3G?

    Hello everyone... Does anybody knows that Dell Studio XPS 1340 model contains buit-in 3G? I know there is option for sim card inside the battery but do not know what is used for actually?? Please help....
  12. jeffrain123

    Nokia N73 ME for 7.5k

    Nokia N70 ME - 4500 & 2600c - 1150 Selling a one year old N70 ME with 1GB card, earphone, charger & data cable....lost the original box.....price is 4.5k.... Added a 2600c with charger for 1150.....lcd screen has small break inside which can be fixed by service centres..... shipping charges...
  13. NucleusKore

    Dead US man gets parking tickets

    Source: Officials in New York have found the decomposing body of a man inside a van parked for weeks beneath a busy highway overpass, gathering parking tickets. The city's medical examiner said George Morales, 59, had died naturally of heart...
  14. NucleusKore

    Inside story of Somali pirate attack

    Source: As he looked at the radar screen Captain Andrey Nozhkin immediately feared the worst. A small vessel was closing fast from the stern. "It was like a firecracker had gone off inside my head," he recalled. The Danish-owned merchant...
  15. veddotcom

    Line By Line Compilation in C/C++

    Hey Guys, I am Able to Compile Program Line by Line By Using 'F8' Key in Turbo C/C++, But the Problem is, This Features works Only Inside the MAIN Function. if I m Using any other Function inside the MAIN, The Compilet Don't go to the User Defined Function's Body, Is there any Method so can i Go...
  16. J

    Best certification course

    Iam a btech student please tell me which is the best certication course i can do.Iam planning to do php+rhce .How much is the oppurtunities with this inside and outside india.
  17. pritish_kul2

    Spideran web of shadows

    There are 2 files- 'game' and 'game_shared' in spiderman we of shadows....could anyone tell me wht is written inside them
  18. vagish

    Dongles (Hardware Lock)

    Hi Anybody knows about Dongles? What is it? How to see inside it? How to edit Dongles? Anybody help me regarding Hardware lock (Dongles). Where do i get the Details about it? like editing the Dongles and looking inside it..... etc etc....
  19. T

    Chat feature working for you in Orkut?

    Anyone knows why I am always getting an error when I try to sign in to gtalk network from inside Orkut? Using firefox 3.0.4 on Fedora 10
  20. A

    Using Turbo C++ - How to disappear cursor inside the console when program is running?

    Using Turbo C++ - How to disappear cursor inside the console when program is running?
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