1. Deep

    Take a look INSIDE Xbox 360

    Guys over at Anandtech made it possible..yes..No kidding...they were managed to open the xbox 360 and managed to look inside the console. Great it on AnandTech with pics: Deep
  2. A

    Intel Inside nay India Inside

    The next intel chip thats gonna hit the market (may be in 2007) will be different from all of it's preceders not only in architecture but also in one important factor. It would be designed in India. Codenamed as 'WhiteField' it is gonna sport a total new architecture and it is expected to...
  3. R

    USB pen drive review( I bought it saturday from SProad Blr)

    :) After a week’s hard work I woke up 7:30 am on saturday . Thinking about my future….who knows maybe only few days more in my present company . So ? I have to back up and I need a pen-drive ! 4 hours later I found myself on the very crowded street at SP road . This is saturday...
  4. S

    php from windows easy php to linux apache server

    i have made some pages in windows and tested in easyphp1-8 ... intregrated with mysql database ..... 1) will these codes work on linux ....? The main problem is where do i put these files ..which is inside html folder now inside www where do i put that students database which is inside...
  5. A

    A Question On flash

    I have created a flash animation with buttons for my college.I have a small problem in making the buttons work inside the CD.I have made the flash file to autorun.After all the animation are over.The buttons will appear.And on clicking them a new page in html will appear.I have problems in...
  6. expertno.1

    some tricks dude--chekxc this out

    Disabling the Blinking Cursor To stop the cursor from blinking in applications such as Word: Start Regedit Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop Add a String Value Name it CursorBlinkRate Give it a value of -1 Reboot the computer Easily Opening a File with Notepad This...
  7. C

    !!!WIN XP right click!!!

    I just upgraded from win98 to winxp. Whenever i rightclick the desktop it kind of logs off and then again comes back.......this also happens when i right click inside a folder but does not happen when i rightclick in 'my computer'
  8. M

    Extract Files from setup

    I have a setup of a particular program. Is there a way i can extract the files inside the setup without running the setup.
  9. V

    Spam in yahoo account

    I need help to remove spams from my yahoo a/c . some of the spammers have been unscribed but some dosent have any such option or hardly have any message inside it. is ther any software to stop spamming ? if so please suggest me to remove this spams
  10. G

    Inside the XBOX 2, XENON

    Gamespy has got an inside look of Xenon or XBOX 2, Highlights 3, 3 GHz PowerPC Cores, share 1 MB L2 Cache A Powerful GPU then the Radeon X800, Supporting SM3.0 256 MB System Memory Hmm, if this is Powerful then...
  11. H

    Game:file missing in NFS UG2

    Can anyone send me the file "AutoRunGUI.dll" which is present just inside the 1st CD of NFS UG2 Email= ********************************************** I dont possess the cds
  12. R

    Can I get this HDD to work ?

    Hi, I had a Quantum Fireball 20 GB HDD wich came with my Zenith PC. A year ago, a chip on the circuit of the HDD got damaged ( burnt ). I am very sure the inside components of the HDD are in working condition. I want to make use of this HDD again. But I dont seem to find a solution to repair...
  13. tuxfan

    Diamonds in Tech? Huh?? Check this out ...

    NextGen PCs may sport 'Diamond Inside' logos
  14. I

    UPS question

    I have a APC UPS 500. I got this two months back and already I have had to get it replaced twice. Heres what happened. The place I stay in nearby is a transformer. On both occassions the transformer burst and my comp just shut down. And on both occasions after the electricity was back and I...
  15. S

    First look at PlayStation 3 chip

    Some details of the chip inside Sony's PlayStation 3 have been revealed. source :
  16. iinfi

    Dust and Mobile Phones

    hi everyone i had purchased a Sony Ericsson T230 about 25 days back. Now when I hold it in bright sunlight i can see a few specks of dust inside the LCD panel. I fail to understand how on earth dust gets inside the panel. Will the company repair/replace the phone if I contact the customer...
  17. rakee

    Linux CDS

    I need Linux Distros,Applications and other linux related CDS.My urgent requirement is for Suse 9.1 Pro,Slackware complete sets. Can anyone tell me where i can get my hans on these inside Bangalore. Thx
  18. H

    Pictures in "My Pictues"

    HI everyone... while browsing i save a lot of pictures and keep on saving them into various folders in "My Pictures" ( I'am on winxpSp1).Foldersi include personal, profressional, forwards and other pictures sergregrated accordingly.. My question is can i prevent certain folders inside "My...
  19. C

    What's wrong with the cd?

    My friend got a cd free along with a text book. While viewing the cd there was a loud sound and the cd had become pieces inside the drive itself. What could have been the reason for this?
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