1. J

    What is the best free alternative to IDM for downloading YouTube Videos

    I want to download videos from YouTube but i just know about the Internet download manager, I use this as 30 days trial but it ask key after that. I have no money to buy it, could you please suggest me the download manager which allow me to download all YouTube videos form internet but it must...
  2. ithehappy

    How do you actually use Revo Uninstaller?

    I was wanting to uninstall a previous version of IDM (Internet Download Manager) via Revo (Pro), and I wanted to remove all traces of it, including registry files and all that, but I don't really understand this software, upon uninstall it asks whether I want to remove some possible registry...
  3. CommanderShawnzer

    Weird problem with IDM

    Any 1080p video downloaded from youtube through IDM is very laggy on PC(I use XMBC to play the videos) and has no Audio when i play it on my 1080P TV 720p videos work fine though
  4. krishnandu.sarkar

    Anyone Here Use IDM?

    Hey, anyone here use IDM? I have noticed a stange problem when using IDM. TDF page gets blank when using IDM. I have to refresh number of times to get the page. Here's a screenshot : As you can see in the above image, 3 Tabs of TDF didn't load. I have to keep refreshing them until they...
  5. ithehappy

    Tor Browser alternatives with Download Accelerator support?

    As the title says, is there any? I use IDM, and added the tor.exe (start tor browser.exe) but still it isn't supporting IDM to grab files within Tor. So is there any method or any alternatives of Tor which will support IDM? Thanks in advance.
  6. ithehappy

    How to download this file/s via IDM?

    IDM downloads almost anything but I can't get m head around this, I copy the address into IDM but it can't download the image, or any image from the same site...
  7. J

    download all mp3 from specific website

    Is there any tool to download all mp3 songs from specific website? I tried IDM, but it's failed.
  8. ramakanta

    IDM For Linux

    is there any IDM like download manager software available for ubuntu OS . if available please help me . Thank you.
  9. S

    :-( utorrent issue !!!!

    so i started downloading something using utorrent!!! initially i got good speeds but now it does not go above like 20 kbps. if i download anything using idm , i still get speed above 100 kbps. whats the problem and what can be done about it ???????
  10. M

    internet download manager won't download

    hi ' i was using idm 6.07 version(on windows vista core duo proc.hp pavilion notebook) and uptil recently it was working fine when one day i received a message that ""the server replies that you don't have permissions to download this file.details:http/1.1.403 forbidden."and since then i...
  11. msn

    IDM - Any solution for batch downloads ?

    Hi TDF community, A lot of videos in video sharing services such as Netload or Extabit have parts like Video (Part 1/8) Video (Part 2/8) ... Video (Part 8/8) or links like *
  12. Neuron

    Youtube has taken some countermeasures to prevent downloading their videos.

    Since about 2 days i can't download videos from youtube using IDM or Orbit's grabber.Some googling has confirmed that this is now common.However i can download videos shared on other pages,for example TDF.It might still be possible to dig up the video from the browser's cache.Anyway if you guys...
  13. omega44-xt

    Downloading stopping @ 99%

    Whenever i downloada file, it downloads upto 99% & then it stops. If i leave it as such then after 5 min a message appears saying "conection timed out". I use IDM 6.05 build 3(cracked). My friend(living 6km away) also uses same IDM but there is no problem with his downloads . What could...
  14. K

    Idm troubles

    Hi Guys, I installed IDM TRAIL VERSION ON Windows XP Home Edition. But I uninstalled it from ADD OR REMOVE. But whenever online when on Mozilla Firefox, it asks to install it automatically and frequently by showing a Dialog Box. How to remove it completely?
  15. R

    IDM downloads html pages instead of the real files

    IDM downloads html pages instead of the real files from mediafire, what is the reason?Is there any ways to rectify the problem?
  16. saswat23

    TaskBar icon hidding

    I need a soft or a trick to hide icons of uTorrent and IDM from the taskbar permanently. I dont have a broadband connection at my home so i have to visit cafe to download latest songs, vids and softs. Suppose i download UBUNTU O/S, it would take approx 4hrs. So, i want a soft by which i can...
  17. phuchungbhutia

    Idm ??? Internet download manager ???

    I hav started using idm, but m facing a prob. I cant download files one at a time. It download all files together. Is there some way to make it single download at a time.
  18. T

    Internet Download Manager 5.18 Free License giveaway

    Day 6 of TechPP Mega Christmas giveaway and today it is turn of the most popular download manager currently - IDM 5.18! * Comment to enter, additional rules inside the post
  19. krishnandu.sarkar

    Download Speed Difference Problem...Plz Hlp...!!!

    I'm facing a strange prblm..... FIRST PROBLEM : When I download ny file frm Rapidshare using Chrome I get 25KBps as avg speed. But when I try to download the same file using Firefox I hardly get 15KBps. SECOND PROBLEM : I use IDM as my download manager. I get 32KBps as a avg speed in...
  20. Dr.tweaker

    extremely low speeds in bsnl home unlimited 750 plan

    i recently changed my bsnl broadband plan from home 250 to home unlimited 750,but the problem is that speeds have reduced drastically,now downloading speed has become a meagre 15 kbps,i am aware it the bandwith is 256 kbps,but still are these extremely low speeds normal,?i am from kolkata. so...
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